In each weekly issue I share a quick but valuable copywriting or marketing lesson, plus discuss a recent promotion I've seen. As you’ll discover, one of the best ways to get better at copywriting or build your business is to learn what you can from other successful promotions!

Plus in your FREE report, The A-List Copywriter’s Manifesto, you’ll discover the seven success principles you need to incorporate into your practice each time you sit down to write a new promotion for your client or business. 

The seven principles in this report might seem somewhat simple at first. But when you actually take the time to do each one completely and without omitting any steps, you can catapult the power and effectiveness of your copy by tenfold or more!

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover…

● The simple secret to uncovering your product or service’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Can also help you unearth your next killer headline! ● NEVER suffer from writer’s block when you start working on your promotion this way. ● The most powerful word in any sales promotion (hint: it’s not “FREE”!) ● What you must ALWAYS do when making a powerful claim in your copy. ● How to make your copy flow logically and persuasively (follow these steps!) ● The type of photo that could wreck your promotion’s results…no matter how great your copy is! ●And much more!  

Kim with marketing legend, Jay Abraham.

Kim credits her creative and analytical mind and marketing know-how for giving her a must-needed edge in today’s increasingly competitive copywriting world—and wants to help others gain the same 'marketing- savvy' advantage.

About the Author

Kim Krause Schwalm was always a marketer who could write copy. She spent more than 13 years in the corporate world in various marketing positions- from Brand Manager to Publisher to launching and running the Healthy Directions supplement business and growing it to more than $23 million in sales within 3 years- before she started her freelance copywriting career in 1998.

Now nearly two decades later, Kim has built a reputation as one of the top A-level direct response copywriters in the country. She's racked up dozens of successful direct mail and online controls, beating legendary copywriters and becoming the first female copywriter to get Boardroom control. Kim writes winning copy and creates breakthrough

marketing strategies for companies such as Soundview, Boardroom, Heathy Directions, and many others both in the United States and from England to Germany to Singapore.  

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics, and a minor in Operations Research Methods from Miami University in Ohio, and earned her MBA in Marketing from Loyola University Maryland.