Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor and Founder, Get Dangerously Good

Revealed at last:

Closely-kept A-list copy secrets to writing multi-million-dollar controls that pay you hefty royalties for as long as 10 years or more!

My exclusive Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class gives you every secret…every strategy…and every tactic I used to produce six of my most successful, longest-running controls

Now even complete newbies can get “A-list good” far faster, without relying simply on hard work and determination (you’ll still need plenty of both…but this is like having the keys to the kingdom handed to you!)

Read on to find out all the details…

key in hand

Dear Friend,

I’ll never forget the first time I finally got a chance to write my first acquisition promo with royalty potential.

I’d been a freelance copywriter for a few years, after walking out of my $100k-a-year marketing executive job at one of the industry’s biggest direct response companies.

I’d been getting by writing mostly emails, newsletter inserts, subscription renewal mailings, and other shorter, flat-fee copy.

The truth is, I pretty much took whatever kind of copywriting gigs came my way…writing a “space bag” self-mailer for an informercial agency…a museum fundraising mailing for a non-profit…or sales letters for somewhat questionable weight loss or male potency supplements.

These gigs helped keep the money flowing in to replace my six-figure income. It was like getting paid to learn. What’s more, these gigs gave me valuable experience, along with samples to show potential clients.

Yet what I really wanted was to get into writing those long-copy magalogs in the health and financial space that kept filling up my mailbox…ones that Phillips Publishing, my former employer, as well as companies like Boardroom, Agora, Rodale, and others were sending out by the truckload each and every week.

I realized early on I'd need to learn how to write royalty-paying copy to escape the “flat-fee project” grind.

That’s because I knew that’s where the real money would be made from doing freelance copywriting…NOT by churning out flat fee-project after flat-fee project until my aching fingers practically bled on the keyboard.

I’d been doing that for two full years. And while I was already making at least 50% more than I was in my 6-figure marketing position, I knew the sky would be the limit if I could master the secrets of writing long-form, royalty-paying copy.

Then I FINALLY got my first big break!

When I got my first big break about two years into freelancing…and snagged a client who hired me to write a magalog with royalty potential…it was like my copywriting dreams were coming true.

Except they quickly turned into my worst nightmare.

That’s because on that first time at bat, with copy my client loved and decided to mail, my promo BOMBED. Badly.

Luckily, I was able to convince my client to give me another shot. Better yet, I was able to identify and learn from my mistakes…and make my next attempt a huge winner!

In fact, it ended up mailing as a control for 10 years, and paid me hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties along the way.

I’ll tell you more about this multi-million-dollar control in a moment…and how you can discover the valuable lessons that came out of the initial failure that led to it.

But my copywriting “learning curve” didn’t stop there.

hand holding wine bottle with hills in background

I’ll never forget celebrating becoming the first female copywriter to get a Boardroom control by opening up a bottle of “La Grande Dame” champagne and sharing it with friends!

For the next several years that followed, I had my share of huge successes—and a few more bombs. Through the school of hard knocks (and celebrating the big wins when they happened), I started to figure out what worked best…and what to avoid.

As a result, over the last 20+ years I’ve uncovered hundreds of secrets to writing strong, irresistible, high-converting copy…and getting “A-list good” fast!

Your chance to see how I applied my very best copy tactics and strategies to creating some of my biggest winners.

While I’ve shared many of these strategies and tactics in my copywriting trainings and courses, until recently I had never shown them applied step-by-step to some of my most successful, longest-running controls.

Now in my exclusive, just-released master class, I’m revealing these closely-kept and, in my case, hard-won A-list copywriting secrets to you.

I’m calling it my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, and it’s unlike any copywriting training I’ve ever done or seen before.

In this one-of-a-kind master class, I’m revealing every secret…every strategy…and every tactic I used to write six of my most successful and longest-running controls.

And while I’m referring to these promos as million-dollar controls, you can rest assured these are multi-million-dollar secrets.

In fact, these controls I’m breaking down have made my clients hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 20+ years…and millions of dollars in fat, juicy royalties for me.

How I freed myself from the “flat-fee project grind”… and how YOU can, too!

This steady flow of passive royalty income that keeps rolling in, in some cases, for 8 or 10 years since I originally wrote a promo, has freed me from the “flat-fee project grind” and made life far more enjoyable and fulfilling.

I’d take my kids to school, stop off at Starbucks for a coffee, head home and work for maybe 5 hours…including a lunch break, sometimes meeting a friend at a restaurant. Then I’d get my kids in the afternoon, put on my “mom” hat, and call it a day.

Kim with her children Victor and Olivia

Being booked up months in advance with clients beating down my door gave me way more time to hang with my kids. I’m so grateful as I can never get those precious hours back!

I had to keep pinching myself that I’d found that elusive career-life-family balance…all while earning more than most doctors!

But even better, I enjoyed the flexibility of taking whatever time I wanted to take off, whenever I wanted to…in part because I had multiple 4- and 5-figure royalty checks coming in each month. So I’d be getting paid whether I worked or not!

Being able to work when I wanted gave me the flexibility to take off if I had a sick child home from school or who had to see the doctor…never have to miss a school play or a kid’s game…help out an elderly parent when needed…get involved in volunteer activities and serve on the Board at my children’s private school…and much more.

It also meant I could pursue one of my greatest passions: travel. Not just taking off for multiple conferences or masterminds each year, but exploring new places or taking relaxing trips with my husband and family.

My royalties from these six controls alone helped keep money flowing in while I wined and dined around the world!

Kim enjoying wine in Italy

Here I am feeling quite relaxed after 10 days in Italy and not doing a lick of work—one of the many benefits of writing royalty-paying copy!

Every year since I hit my stride as a freelance copywriter, I’ve taken multiple vacations each year with my family.

We’ve taken our kids to places like Grand Cayman (twice), San Diego, Germany, Montana, Turks and Caicos, Paris, Barcelona, countless beach trips, and Italy (on 3 different occasions just in the past 5 years).

Plus, in 2019 alone my husband and I spent at least two months on various trips to destinations like Oktoberfest in Munich…Portugal…Switzerland…Anguilla…and beautiful Barolo and other areas of the Piedmont region of Italy (the wines and food there are among the best in the world!)

And I’ve done all of this without hauling my laptop everywhere and being chained to it. In fact, I generally don’t do a lick of work when I’m traveling…yet even with more than two months’ vacation time a year (and at least another month or so traveling to conferences and events), I still earn far more than I ever did when I had a J-O-B.

Sure, getting “A-List good” (and gaining the freedom that came with it) took me years of nose-to-the-grindstone hard work. I didn’t have anyone take me by the hand and show me the way. There weren’t any copywriting training programs back when I was starting out, aside from the occasional workshop at a Direct Marketing Association event.

I had to learn it all on my own…through trial-and-error, picking myself back up after falling flat on my face and figuring out what I learned from my failures…and after celebrating my successes, understanding what I did that made them work so well.

And now I’m sharing these multi-million-dollar, control-beating secrets with you!

In my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, you’ll discover closely-kept A-list copy secrets I’ve used to…  

  • Beat legendary copywriters, like Jim Rutz, Parris Lampropoulos, and many other top copywriters whose names you’d likely recognize. I was able to beat these “legends” even when I was just starting out and they were at the peak of their careers. And in this master class, I reveal how you can beat more experienced copywriters you go against, too…even if you’ve only written a handful of promos in the past. (It’s like getting an “unfair” advantage!)
  • Cut my writing time in HALF while pumping out winning controls in as little as five days. It helped that I knew my market. It helped that I’m a beast when it comes to research (I’ll reveal my best sources). And it especially helped that I was about to jet off on a three-week vacation in Europe. So I had to get this one promo I’ll be breaking down for you done…and it’s STILL working like gangbusters and paying me fat royalties nearly 3 years later! You, too, can use these secrets to cut down your writing time and meet even the most insane deadlines.
  • Keep clients lined up at my door and booking me months in advance. Just like most copywriters, I struggled at first to get high-quality clients. But it only took one or two controls for word to spread. Before long, I was so swamped with clients I was able to book projects up to a year or more in advance—collecting 50% advances just to secure time on my schedule. In my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, I’ll show you how to produce your own “hot” controls that turn into client bait—and put an end to the “feast or famine” cycle in your freelance business.
  • Create dozens of multi-million-dollar controls in some of the most competitive and highest-paying niches in the industry. Some of these controls have been paying me big royalties for nearly a decade—and are still going strong. And now every secret, every tactic, and every strategy I used to create these successful controls can be yours to use and profit from!

How total newbies to advanced-level copywriters can get the “A-list edge” in ANY niche

There’s a very simple (yet little-talked about) missing ingredient that separates A-list copywriters from everyone else. I call it the “A-list edge”.

Most top copywriters spend years gaining this edge. Because in order to write copy that’s “A-list good”, you can’t just know the “theory” of copywriting. And you can’t just use the “round robin” of formulas and checklists or you’ll just sound like everyone else.

Kim abroad

Before I took off on a three-week family vacation to Europe, I had to write an entire promo in less than a week. Luckily, the way I did my research helped me get ‘er done, and get a huge winner!

To write successful, multi-million-dollar controls that pay you fat royalties for years, you must understand how copy performs in the real world.

You must know how to consistently produce control-beating promotions, with a winning track record that keeps clients coming back again and again.

And you must know how to make those new control “unbeatable” for years on end, so you keep collecting your royalties while living the life you want.

Up until now, there’s been no way to replicate this “A-list edge” other than sweaty, hard work and sheer determination. (That’s how I did it.)

But now, in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, you’ll see me analyze dozens of controls and split tests I’ve done for my clients for these six highly-successful promos alone.

It’s like having you look over my shoulder and peek inside millions of dollars’ worth of copy testing I’ve done with some of the top direct-response companies on the planet.

I’m talking about companies like Boardroom, Green Valley Natural Solutions, Advanced Bionutritionals, and others whose promos I break down in this exclusive master class…in many cases, not just my own controls, but the ones I went up against and beat.

Proven, multi-million-dollar secrets used by top companies and legendary copywriters you can easily apply to your copy

These strategies and tactics are also ones I honed as an Executive Marketing Director at Phillips Publishing when it was one of the biggest mailers in the industry…working with the likes of Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, and other legendary giants.

They’re also ones I used to launch and build the company’s Healthy Directions supplement business subsidiary, growing it to more than $23 million in sales within the first 3 years (that’s at least $38 million in today’s dollars!)

These are my “soups-to-nuts” secrets of thinking through and writing blockbuster promos that become winners…and stay winners for years.

And I don’t just reveal them in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, I show you exactly how I’ve applied each one.

Once you master these secrets, strategies, and tactics, you can approach writing long-form sales page copy with confidence. More importantly, you can get dramatically better results.

That means when it’s YOUR next turn up at bat, you can enjoy much better odds of hitting it out of the ball park…versus suffering a humiliating “bomb” like I did when I got my first shot.

However, keep in mind that even the very BEST copywriters “bomb” sometimes. But by knowing and understanding how to apply these A-List “rules” I share in my master class, you’ll take smarter risks…ones that could lead YOU to your next breakthrough promo.

If you’re a marketer or business owner, that could mean hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in extra revenue and profits going straight to your bottom line.

And if you’re a freelance or in-house copywriter, mastering these A-list tactics could quickly allow you to…

Rise to the top of any niche or industry—and enjoy royalty checks piling up in your mailbox!

Imagine the joy of waking up to royalty checks in your mailbox and getting paid for copy you wrote three…five…even ten years ago, with few if any tests or updates since.

When you write controls that make your clients the big bucks, you can break into an elite group of copywriters and gain “celebrity” status in your niche. Here I am at 2019’s Copy Chief Live on stage with Kevin Rogers, Parris Lampropoulus, Laura Belgray, and Evaldo Albuquerque.

It took me more than two-and-a-half years from the time I first hung up my shingle as a freelance copywriter before I got my first royalty check. It was for that initial bomb I turned into a winner that I told you about earlier.

That first royalty check was for $7,056.48…and it was just a hint of things to come. That one promo paid me $62,098.38 that first year alone, and it went on to mail for 10 full years!

But thanks to my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, you may not need nearly that long to start raking in higher fees and royalties. You can discover hundreds of my very best A-list copy secrets—and see how I’ve applied them. In no time you could jumpstart your career and start writing “A-list good” as soon as humanly possible!

No matter what industry you write in or what type of copy you write, this master class can help you gain the skills you need to rise to the top.

Even though I’m breaking down health and supplement copy for these six highly-successful controls, I’ll be revealing the same secrets I and other top copywriters use again and again in every industry…from financial, skin care, and fitness to “biz opp”, dating, survival, and more.

Generously-spilled, step-by-step secrets designed to help you write bigger winners more often

Let’s take a look inside at what you get in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class. In each of the six multi-million-dollar control breakdowns, I take you through my entire process step-by-step.

If there’s a control I had to go up against and beat, I review the promo with you and break down how I analyzed its strengths and weaknesses.

I share with you how I did my research (and why I focused on certain areas or approaches for each promo).

I reveal how I came up with my winning headline…why I structured my copy the way I did…and how I dug out the unique mechanism and used it strategically in my copy.

I show you the emails and other copy I wrote to get more traffic to my sales pages and break down what worked and what didn’t, and which ones we tested into as new “controls”.

I even break down various tests that bombed along with subsequent successful tests that allowed me to keep these controls “alive and kicking” (and paying me hefty royalties) for as long as 8, 9, even 10 years!

Let’s take a look at each of these in-depth control breakdowns…and the multi-million-dollar copywriting secrets I so generously “spill” in each session of my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class...

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #1:

How to spot any weaknesses in the current control and exploit them by taking a new, better approach

CircO2 control for Advanced Bionutritionals  direct mail magalog, online sales page

My CircO2 control for Advanced Bionutritionals has brought in millions of dollars as a direct mail magalog, online sales page, and VSL. It’s also working like gangbusters on Facebook.

In the first of our six control breakdown sessions, I do a deep dive into one of the most profitable controls I currently have running.

Ever since I wrote it the beginning of 2017, the two different versions I created of this promo have proven successful in multiple formats and channels.

Both versions (only the first 2 pages are different) continue to prove themselves worthy as direct mail magalogs…no easy feat in today’s mailing environment.  

The same exact copy has also been used in online sales pages—and even a video sales letter that was recently tested—with highly-profitable results.

This copy is so successful, it’s scaling on Facebook to cold traffic and bringing in millions of dollars this year alone, more than three years since I originally wrote the copy for a direct mail promo, without changing a word.

In this in-depth breakdown, I lead you through how I analyzed the two different controls that were previously being used for this nitric oxide-boosting supplement.

I show you what I thought was working—and where I found weaknesses that I felt I could exploit with my new promo. But that’s not all…

Secrets to coming up with the “big idea”…plus two killer headlines that remain unbeatable 3 years later

I then go step by step into how I came up with the big idea for my new promo, how I came up with my two different main headlines and leads, and why I decided to introduce the unique mechanism much later in the promo than the previous control did…and later than I typically do in a supplement promo.

That’s not the only “contrarian” tactic you’ll discover. I also reveal how I came up with the idea for a “contrarian” email to drive traffic to the online sales page version of this promo…and how it increased revenue by more than 33%! (This was a giant leap for an already successful control).

Here are just a few more of the control-busting, A-list copy secrets you’ll discover from this in-depth breakdown…

  • The 9-letter word that instantly punches up the credibility of any claim. I’ve seen this work hundreds of times in health promos—and I used it here, too. You can adapt the thinking behind it to almost any niche you want.
  • Hollywood’s favorite direct-mail technique. Used for years to get prospects turning the page and speeding towards the close. You can use it in your sales page and emails to almost ensure your copy gets read.
  • Broaden your promo’s appeal by at least 50%! Just add this “spicy” side benefit. A client demanded I add this to every promo I wrote. Now I use it whenever I can since it always gives sales a boost.
  • How a “special character” in your headline can instantly make your claims more believable. As simple as a few keystrokes. Perfect when you’re low on proof.
  • Common client-side mistake that makes even the best copy bomb. Don’t let your client blame you for their mess! Be sure they do this before taking on any project. 
  • Strengthen your promo with a simple bit of “boilerplate” copy. Used by one major supplement company to price its products through the roof. I walk you through the psychology behind it and even give you examples you can adapt for yourself.
  • Why this weakness in the opening sentence may be stopping readers dead in their tracks. Here’s how to avoid this common mistake and watch your sales results soar!
  • The surprising case against bonuses. Here’s what dozens of split tests say… and what to do instead to bump up response.
  • How to find “hidden gold” in a study that multiplies the power of your claims. I show you exactly how I arrived at the powerful “100 times” claim. This study stat was buried and I had to figure out how to interpret it correctly. But once I did, the new email that resulted boosted revenue (and my already fat royalties) by more than one-third!
  • And much more!

As you can see, when writing control copy there are hundreds of tiny twists and turns that can send your response through the roof.

But these twists and turns mean nothing without the strategy and mindset to back them up!

What makes my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class so special is that you get both.

You get dozens of tweaks and test ideas you can apply to your copy immediately. And you get the A-list mindset, strategy, and thinking behind each one so you understand why they work.

It’s one reason why you truly can apply these secrets, tactics, and strategies to copy you write for any product and for any format—whether it’s a long-form sales page, VSL script, or direct mail promo, or a shorter email or sales letter.

But another big part of writing bigger winners more often—and keeping them running as unbeatable controls for years on end—is understanding how to test smart.

By testing smart, I mean maximizing what you learn from tests so that you can leverage that into higher conversions, response rates, and profits.

That’s why you’re going to love what I reveal in the second multi-million-dollar control breakdown you get in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #2:

How relentlessly smart testing handed me a Boardroom control that paid me royalties for nearly 10 years straight!

“bookalog” promo for Boardroom’s Superfoods Rx book

This “bookalog” promo for Boardroom’s Superfoods Rx book became one of the company’s most successful, longest-running controls.

In this second in-depth session, I break down how I wrote this long-running control for a brand-new health book. It became one of Boardroom’s most successful health book promos, and paid me nice royalties for nearly 10 years straight!

I tell you how I did it step-by-step. It’s a completely different process than I take for writing a supplement promo, and it’s one you can apply to any information product, course, mastermind, lead magnet, webinar, or premium, to name a few.

To compete in the highly-competitive Boardroom arena, every word of copy in a promo had to earn its place. It had to be compelling, curiosity-filled, and attention-grabbing.

In this breakdown, I share with you the tactics and process I used to write powerful headlines, fascinations, and other copy on each and every spread of this 48-page “bookalog”.

But I don’t just give you ONE control breakdown in this session. That’s because in order to keep controls running for years, you have to be able to come up with fresh angles for split tests.

That’s why I also share with you at least 15 different split test creatives, from headlines to format to front and back covers (plus I give you promo PDFs of each one). These are testing ideas you can model and adapt for new promos you write.

In this second control breakdown session, I share which ones worked, which ones didn’t, and why. It’s like getting an insider’s look at Boardroom’s highly-regarded (and often imitated) testing protocol at its peak.

But that’s not all. In this second million-dollar breakdown, you’ll also discover these response (and royalty-) boosting secrets…  

  • How to speed your reader through pages of fascinations… without boring them or burning them out. If you can get your reader through a long list of fascinations, your chance of them buying goes through the roof. Just use this simple technique to add the extra intrigue that hooks your reader in.
  • Boost response… with an onion sticker!? Yes! A sticker that looks like an onion. You won’t be able to use this in every promo. But the strategy behind it can boost engagement in your sales pages, emails, podcast appearances, and more.
  • The easiest way to drum up big ideas. A-List copywriters and direct-response powerhouses like Agora Financial use this daily. Just pull out your cell phone and try this.
  • How to use a concept first developed by 11th century European Christians to turn your prospects into stark raving fans! Boardroom and my previous employer, Phillips Publishing, were masters at this. I’ll show you how it works and how you can use it in your very next promo.
  • A common contract mistake that could cost you a fortune. Easily avoided when you do this. A close friend and well-known copywriter made this blunder and missed out on an estimated 7-figures! Just add this one clause to your contract (your client won’t object) and it doesn’t have to happen to you. 
  • How a time-sucking bullet mistake cost me HOURS of precious time. I learned this lesson the hard way! As long as you draft your bullets using the extra step I reveal in this session, you can avoid making the same costly mistake.
  • The case for lowering response. Sounds crazy, but using this approach you can win controls by getting less people to order. Even if average order value doesn’t increase. Here’s how.
  • Why you should “give away” information you’re selling. And how to do it in a way that makes it almost impossible for your prospect NOT to buy!
  • And much more!

That last point on giving away information is a tricky one. Because you have to do it in the right way.

You have to give away info at the right time and in the right amounts. And of course, you have to give away info your prospect actually wants.

And being able to do so is all about the research. Which brings us to my third multi-million-dollar control breakdown you get full, unlimited access to in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class...

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #3:

How using the RIGHT facts…while pressing the right emotional buttons…can multiply your results!

direct mail control Kim wrote for Advanced Bionutritionals’ Advanced Memory Formula

This direct mail control I wrote for Advanced Bionutritionals’ Advanced Memory Formula became an unbeatable control for 8 years straight. The copy was also used successfully in an online sales page.

When it comes to research, I’m a research beast. It helps that it’s one of my favorite stages in creating a new promo. And for the reasons I reveal in my third control breakdown session, I prefer to do it myself versus hiring it out.

Now you can discover how to make research your “secret sauce”…and use it get an unstoppable edge every time you sit down to write copy.

In your Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #3, I show you my “secret sauce” research process helped me create an 8-year unbeatable control for a top-selling memory supplement.

It’s the same research process I’ve used to beat the legendary Jim Rutz (twice!)…and top A-lister Parris Lampropoulus (becoming the first female copywriter to ever win a Boardroom control).

When you know how to research like an A-lister, you can go against the best-of-the-best and win even if you’re not the “best” copywriter.

You’ll win simply because you have the best facts.

And inside this control breakdown, I’ll show you how to scour every nook and cranny to dig up the facts that make your prospect click the “buy” button.

You’ll also discover…

  • The one-word catchphrase used by a wildly-popular celebrity chef that gives speed of result “flavor” to any headline, bullet, or claim. In a head-to-head split test, just adding this one word made a world of difference. You’ll see both headlines inside Breakdown #3 and find out which one won.
  • How to borrow credibility and showcase it in your promo to catapult response. I’ve personally milked this technique with this long-running control and dozens of other successful promos—and I’ll show you how you can, too!
  • Amazingly easy way to slather on proof. Just add these two words to your promo headline or email and voila! All your claims become more believable.
  • Sneaky way to inject urgency without changing a word of copy. Just use this A-List formatting technique I reveal in Breakdown #3. Makes your reader speed through the copy and subconsciously feel the urgency to buy.
  • How to use a trip to your local health food store to make your supplement seem like a steal… even if it’s outrageously expensive. No, you don’t have to go to a health food store to do this. And yes, this works outside the supplement niche, too!
  • The “magic” phrase that makes even crazy claims believable. Use this phrase and it’s virtually impossible for your prospect to disagree.
  • Specificity always adds proof, right? Wrong! Despite what lots of copywriters say, the answer is “No!” Here’s when it hurts you and what to use instead.
  • World-class copywriter Dan Ferrari’s favorite way to make dreaming up big ideas a breeze. I first learned this tactic from Gene Schwartz and have used it many times myself. It’s something you can easily do in your spare time (you may even find it fun!)
  • And much more!

That last point on dreaming up big ideas is very important. Because most people think writing world-class copy takes forever.

While it can be true that creating a breakthrough promotion can often take a minimum of six weeks to two months, I’ve written sizzling hot controls in a fraction of that time!

That’s why you’re not going to want to miss this next multi-million-dollar control breakdown you get in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class...

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #4:

How to write sizzling hot, multi-year control-winning copy…in less than 5 days!

sales page for Green Valley’s new My Sinus Miracle supplement

I wrote this sales page for Green Valley’s new My Sinus Miracle supplement in less than 5 days…and it’s been a successful control for nearly 3 years!

I mentioned earlier that I’m a beast when it comes to doing research. And I generally prefer to do it myself.

Which is good, since most clients don’t give you a whole lot to get started with.

That’s not to case with one of my long-time clients. They put together an in-depth research kit packed with studies.

So that definitely saves me a ton of time. Which worked out well, since they asked if I could squeeze in a new promo for an upcoming sinus supplement launch.

It was less than a month before I was leaving on a 3-week vacation to Europe with my family. And I had some other projects I had to wrap up along with my own stuff in the queue.

But since it was this particular client, I knew I’d be ahead of the game on the research phase. So I said “Yes!”

Then I got busy wrapping up the other projects first. Which meant I’d gotten a bit behind the “8-ball”, and had to write this copy FAST!

To make matters worse, the product was just being launched. So I had no previous controls to dissect and study.

But because I spent my time very wisely...

I “got away” with less than a week of research and only five days of writing…and STILL got the control!

Now, this promo has been paying me hefty royalties for nearly 3 years running…with minimal tests or updates along the way. All from less than two weeks’ worth of work.

Really, it boiled down to a few smart things I did before I started to write. Which I’ll reveal step-by-step inside this Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #4.

But that’s not all. You’ll also discover…

  • Can household “dust bunnies” boost response? Indeed! Just use this technique—much loved by Gene Schwartz—to terrify your prospect into needing your product NOW.
  • Quick crash course on stages of market awareness. This is definitely “advanced” training, but I make it as simple as I can. Understanding this will put your copy mastery lightyears ahead of competitors who never took the time to “get it!
  • The headline is the most important part of a winning sales letter, right? Baloney! Here is the most important factor. Plus, how to use it to get an edge over every copywriter you go against.
  • How referring to a study the right way puts your copy on steroids! This simple phrasing tweak beefs up claims and makes even dry, boring studies irresistible
  • A free online resource you can use to easily understand even the most distant prospect and become an “instant expert” on topics you know nothing about. (This is a MUST to make your prospect feel understood. Plus… I show you how to use it to shave hours off your research time.)
  • Is your clever subject line hurting your sales? Might be so. Here’s what one master copywriter says… and when to use a “boring” subject line instead.
  • How to use seasonal offers to massively boost your sales. (Warning!... whenever my client does this, it completely blows out his inventory. Not a bad problem to have!)
  • Stories sell, right? Not if you make this common mistake. (But don’t fear… just add this one element to suck your reader right back in.)
  • And much more!

The truth is, as many ways as there are to make a sale…there are dozens more ways to mess it up.

Which is why you won’t make it to the top relying simply on formulas and checklists.

To write control-winning copy that pays you for years, you must dig deep and come up with new and exciting angles and ideas for every promo you write.

Which is what you’ll discover in the fifth ultra-revealing session of my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class...

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #5:

How to craft fresh, compelling angles in saturated markets that stand out from the crowd

My control for Advanced Bionutritionals’ Integrative Digestive Formula stood out in a crowded market to become a “9-years-and-counting” royalty-paying control both in the mail and online.

Coming up with fresh angles and “big ideas” in saturated markets is always a big challenge.

When I first wrote this digestive supplement promo back in 2011, that was just one of the challenges I faced. Digestive supplements, including enzymes and probiotics, were everywhere you looked.

That’s why coming up with a different hook and angle—something that would stand out from the noise and the slew of gross intestine and “poop” packages that were crowding prospects’ mailboxes—was crucial to this promo’s success.

The good news is, the approach I took not only worked, it ended up handing me a successful, long-running control. In fact, this control has been mailing with barely a word changed for more than 9 years.

In other words, I’m still getting paid royalties for work I did nearly a decade ago!

And while I originally wrote the copy for a direct mail magalog that’s still hitting the mailboxes, it’s also been used word-for-word in a successful online sales page.

The control I went against was written by the great David Deutsch. Which means you’ll not only see me break down my own copy, you’ll see me break down David’s copy in this session as well.

(As it turns out, his original control is still being used and rotated with mine…so it’s a super-strong promo to study and learn from as well!)

You’ll also discover other closely-kept, A-list-level, response-boosting and client management secrets I reveal in this recorded session, including…

  • How to “romance” your product and make it irresistible to your prospect. I show you how to do this not just with your copy, but with design elements that add to even more appeal.
  • The one element of your copy that should look almost identical to that of your competitors’. Confirmed in hundreds of split tests. Try to get cute or fancy with this and you may lose sales, causing your promo to B-O-M-B.
  • Secret to making the unfamiliar familiar. Why this figure of speech you learned about in your high school English class can overcome your prospect’s objections and compel them to buy (I show you multiple examples of this technique in this control breakdown).
  • Why skeptical prospects are good for sales. Try this technique used by world-famous salespeople for years and your prospect’s skepticism becomes a reason to buy!
  • A “mom-approved” tactic to better manage clients. No, you don’t need to be a mom to do this. Just follow this time-honored advice and you’ll get your way more often
  • Trying to get your first control? Here’s how even brand-new copywriters can get their foot in the door. This is how I got into writing long-from controls. And when you pitch your clients this way, it makes it almost a no-brainer for them to say “Yes”. Plus… how to leverage your success into higher-paying gigs.
  • Sneaky way to make outrageously bold claims without adding any proof. I learned this from one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived. Plus, I’ll walk you through how I used it in this promo… without having any big studies to back me up. You can use it, too, once you discover it inside Control Breakdown #5.
  • And much more!

The truth is, writing copy isn’t the whole battle. Tweaking offers with your clients can be just as important (sometimes more).

Just a small tweak to an offer can turn a loser to a winner. Even if you don’t change anything else.

But tweaking offers can be risky. You need to know when to tweak and when to leave it alone. Otherwise, you risk wrecking something that’s making your current control work.

Sometimes, however, you need to start over from scratch after an initial test bombs out. That’s what happened to me with the first promo I wrote with royalty potential, as I mentioned earlier.

It was for a new “super antioxidant” supplement that, on my second try, I took a completely different approach and positioned it as a breakthrough joint pain solution.

I’ll tell you all about, the hugely profitable lessons I learned from it, and much more in our sixth and last session of my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #6:

How to take a promo that “bombed” and turn it into a blockbuster control that brings home the bacon for 10 years

This second attempt where I renamed the product OPC Miracle Joint Complex ended up being so successful, my client, Nature Trade Center, mailed it for 10 full years!

That initial promo attempt I told you at the beginning of this letter that soon became my worst nightmare? I don’t even have a printed copy of it in my files…nor do I have the designed PDF on my computer.

It’s as if I “burned sage” to make it a distant memory, one I refused to let me give up and throw in the towel on.

But I did hang onto a Word file of my copy from that promo that bombed…and I’ll never forget the many valuable lessons this initial failure taught me.

In fact, my client and I got on the phone after the results came in to have a copy “post mortem” and discuss why we thought it didn’t work. (Like I said earlier, my client had liked the original copy a lot!)

It was a result of this “post-mortem” that I recommended to my client that we try one of the five angles I had originally suggested—positioning the product as a joint supplement—and he agreed.

He paid me another two-thirds of the original promo fee (which was already three times higher than any project I’d charged for). And it turned out to be one of the best decisions he ever made!

That’s because this new version of the promo went on to be a blockbuster control…mailing in various formats for 10 years…and bringing in millions of dollars for my client and hundreds of thousands in royalties for me!

In this in-depth session that caps off your Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, I reveal the incredibly valuable—and highly profitable—lessons I learned from both my initial failure as well as the rip-roaring success of my second attempt at bat.

Not only will you see what made my winning control tick… you’ll see me pull dozens of lessons from the one that bombed, too. That means you’ll get to learn from my earliest mistakes…without having to suffer through making them yourself!

Here’s a glimpse of just a few of the many copy and client lessons you’ll discover in this sixth control breakdown…

  • How to use a story lead the right way to hook your reader in. How long can you go on in the first person in your lead? You’ll be surprised at the example here…but here’s what I did to make it work without losing the prospect early on.
  • Forget “Harvard study”…try this instead! This simple bit of punctuation can make big claims in your headline copy even more believable than citing studies from world-famous universities.
  • How to make believers out of the most skeptical, “I’ve-tried-it-all” prospects. I’ve used this type of story successfully in markets with lots of competition. And I’ll show you exactly where you can find stories like this too!
  • Is your promo making sales for cheaper, inferior products sold by your competitors? It might be if you make this common mistake with your copy. Avoid it and you’ll not only boost your chances of getting a control, you’ll earn far more in royalties!  
  • Instant credibility booster many copywriters overlook. Do some digging into your product or spokesperson, and you can use it, too. Adds powerful proof and extra authority to your copy. I reveal exactly what to look for.
  • Perfectly legal form of “price fixing” any copywriter can use to charge top dollar. No haggling or being told “that’s out of our budget”. I used this to charge 3 times what I had charged for the same work previously… PLUS I made sure I didn’t shortchange myself on royalties, either!
  • And much more!

You get ALL this for each of the six million-dollar control breakdowns—plus you get four valuable FREE bonus gifts!

What I’ve shared with you so far is just a sampling of the hundreds of tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies I reveal in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class. For each of the six million-dollar control breakdowns, you’ll get ALL of the following:

  • Video of me doing each control breakdown (most run nearly an hour and a half each) in live, previously-recorded sessions where you’ll also hear my answers to questions
  • Audio recordings of each control breakdown session, so you can listen in while driving, exercising, or whatever you’re doing
  • A “key takeaways” document I put together for each control breakdown, summarizing my best strategies and tactics as well as how I did my research, came up with my “big idea”, and much more
  • Word-for-word transcripts of each control breakdown, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes and to make it easy to go back and reference something I shared
  • PDFs of the control promo, any subsequent tests, and even the promos I had to go up against and beat, as well as traffic-driver email controls and tests when applicable

You get access to all six million-dollar control breakdown “training modules”, including everything I’ve mentioned above, on a state-of-the-art online course platform where you can easily access or download your master class materials, easily pick up wherever you left off before, keep track of your progress, and much more.

But that’s STILL not all…

When you get my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class today, I’m throwing in 5 valuable bonus gifts that will bring you even more insights and profits.

The first is a bonus breakdown of another one of my long-running controls…

Million-Dollar Bonus Gift #1:

A behind-the-scenes, invitation-only control breakdown with copywriting coach David Garfinkel

Back in 2017, one of my online sales pages began running as a wildly-successful control for Green Valley Natural Solutions. So it started to attract a lot of attention from others who wanted to study it.

My Vital Force anti-aging supplement promo became a highly-successful control for Green Valley, and has been used since 2016.

As a result, copywriting coach David Garfinkel asked if he could interview me for a behind-the-scenes, invitation-only training.

It was during this value-packed, half-hour-long call with an audience of more than 100 that I broke down this breakthrough anti-aging supplement control for the copywriters and others who were lucky enough to be invited.

Not only did I share how I came up with my big idea, did my research, and showcased the product and offer, David shared several insights as well as he analyzed my promo and discussed with me why it was working so well.

Every minute of this “dripping with copywriting gold” interview got captured in this audio recording that you get as part of this valuable bonus gift. Plus you’ll get a complete, word-for-word transcript along with PDFs of the sales page and the control and test emails used to drive traffic to it.

Here’s just a sampling of the valuable takeaways you’ll discover…

  • “Demolishes doubt!” That’s what David Garfinkel said about this “proof stack” I used to boost credibility and support the big idea in the main headline. Use this approach and your prospect will believe even the biggest claims you make. 
  • The secret to keeping gnat-like attention spans hooked all the way to the close…no matter how long your copy goes on! Many “meh”-performing sales pages leave this essential element out altogether.  
  • A little-known but highly-valuable swipe available for a few bucks on Amazon that helped Agora grow into the 1 billion+ powerhouse it is today. This came highly recommended during the call as a must-read for every copywriter…and can be used profitably in any niche you’re in.
  • How to “sexy up” a boring idea your prospect has heard a million times before. Worried about your prospect saying “so what” over your big reveal? Just add this type of sentence right after to keep them hooked and reading.
  • And much more!

But writing great copy alone isn’t enough!

As you may already know, many direct-response industries are highly regulated—especially the lucrative supplement niche. Which means you have to be very careful of what you put in your copy…to avoid getting you or your client in trouble.

That’s why for your second bonus gift, I’m including a power-packed training where I reveal dozens of compliance tips and best practices….

Million-Dollar Bonus Gift #2:

Speed your way to instant mastery of supplement copy compliance secrets

In little over half an hour, you can quickly gain confidence in writing compliant supplement copy and use this know-how to win new clients.

Thanks to this valuable bonus gift, you’ll get a crash course in writing compliant supplement copy that still sells like hotcakes and makes your clients love you. As you’ll discover, writing compliant copy often works better and keeps you out of trouble!

In this 33-minute recorded video training (complete with detailed slides to refer back to later), I explain why supplement copy is different from other types of copy used to sell books, newsletters, or other products.

I also reveal 30 “forbidden” words you should never use in supplement copy (and what to say instead)…plus show you how to creatively express your claims in ways that won’t land you or your client in hot water. You’ll discover copy compliance “wordsmithing” secrets that are totally legal…and that help your copy generate sizzling sales results.

You’ll also get promo examples of what to do and what NOT to...along with a breakdown and critique of supplement copy from a compliance review standpoint.

But that’s not all I reveal in this valuable, in-depth training. You’ll also discover these eye-opening tips and tactics to writing supplement copy (and covering your “butt”)…

  • Should your name appear on your contract? If it does, you may be opening yourself up to BIG legal trouble. Here’s how to know and what to do instead.
  • Common supplement copy trap to avoid. While you want your testimonials to be as powerful as possible, you have to apply the same copy compliance “rules” to them as well. And that means avoiding these 3 common pitfalls!
  • The one clause you MUST have in your contract or you risk spending THOUSANDS in legal fees. Here’s the word-for-word clause I use in my contract—and paid my lawyer $2,000 for—that you can adapt for yourself!
  • Is a contract enough to protect you? Not always. That’s because most copywriters don’t know to include this crucial item in their copy drafts. Without it, YOU risk paying the bill for your clients’ mistakes!
  • Secrets to clearing compliance hurdles far faster. Each client you work with has different “risk tolerance” levels. Here’s what to ask for to ensure your copy smoothly and quickly glides through the approval process, so you get paid faster!
  • And much more!

Speaking of clients, when you get my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class today, I’m also giving you a third bonus gift that can help bring you that elusive freedom and work-life-balance you’ve been craving from your freelancing career…

Million-Dollar Bonus Gift #3:

How to negotiate the best royalty deals (while avoiding costly mistakes)

Million-Dollar Bonus Gift #3:

How to negotiate the best royalty deals (while avoiding costly mistakes)

My Royalty Negotiation “Cheat Sheet” lets you know exactly what to ask for…and which traps to avoid…so you can work less and earn more!

This one is near and dear to my heart, because it boils down for you my very best secrets when it comes to negotiating royalties.

Thanks to these hard-won tactics, you’ll discover how to keep passive income flowing in while you’re off doing other things you enjoy…

…Like getting quality time with your children or other loved ones…sunning yourself on a beach in the Caribbean or sipping your way through wineries in Napa…or touring castles in Europe, exploring new hiking trails, or kayaking down a river.

Whatever floats your boat!

Gaining this kind of freedom and control over your schedule…and saying “good-bye” to the “flat-fee project grind”…isn’t just more personally rewarding, it can be far more financially rewarding, too!

It’s how many top A-listers (and up-and-coming copywriters) multiply their earnings and start raking in 4, 5, even 6 figures a month…while actually working LESS!

This highly-distilled “cheat sheet” will get you up to speed quickly on what types of projects are good for negotiating royalties and what traps to avoid. You’ll want to keep it handy for whenever you put out a proposal or for when a client asks you “how much?”

With this valuable tool at your side, you’ll know exactly what to ask for…proposal and contract “must-haves”…and royalty do’s and don’ts.

Plus by understanding the value of royalties to the client as well as the copywriter, you may find you’re able to close more and better-paying royalty deals.

But that’s not all this handy Royalty Negotiation “Cheat Sheet” gives you. You’ll also discover…

  • A word-for-word “script” you can use to confidently quote the fees you deserve and get paid every penny you’re worth. Instead of looking like a complete newbie, you’ll come across like a seasoned pro!
  • How much of a royalty should you ask for? It’s not as straightforward as it seems. You’ll find out the going royalty rates based on level of experience and other factors…so you can quote the right fee to close the deal (without shortchanging yourself!)
  • The hyphenated word you must have in your contract and invoice. Important for non-royalty agreements, too. (Chances are you’re NOT using it now…but it could save you costly headaches later!)
  • Sneaky clause in your client’s contract to AVOID. If you agree to it, you’re losing the right to protect your interests. Here’s what it is (simply ask to have this taken out and you’re good to go!)
  • How to make sure you get paid royalties…even if your client “kills” the project! Simply include this language in your contract. Also allows you to use the copy for another promo if they don’t use it.
  • The 7-letter word that could cost you THOUSANDS. When quoting or agreeing to a royalty deal, you want to use this one word carefully. Otherwise you could wait months to get your first royalty check…and you could miss out on $20,000 or more in passive income.
  • And much more!

As you can see, this invaluable “cheat sheet” gives you the instant know-how to confidently, sell, quote, and close potentially lucrative royalty deals that could bring in passive income for months or years.

But I’ve got one more valuable bonus gift for you when you get my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class. It’s one of my favorite copywriting trainings of all time…one that helped shape the way I write copy, and that I still refer to and find valuable today!

Million-Dollar Bonus Gift #4:

Complete transcript of the famed Gene Schwartz Phillips Publishing lecture (I was in the room for it!)

I remember getting this mailing before I even worked at Phillips Publishing and thinking it was crazy. As I later discovered, this insanely successful promo was written by the legendary Gene Schwartz and packed with genius tactics to study and learn from.

No copywriter’s training is complete without reading the transcript of this legendary lecture by master copywriter Gene Schwartz.

And truth be told, this lecture is near and dear to my heart. Because believe it or not, I saw Gene Schwartz give this incredibly valuable lecture LIVE.

That’s right, I was in the room when Gene Schwartz gave his day-long lecture to the marketing and management team at Phillips Publishing.

Whenever I go back and review the transcript of his talk, I realize how much the brilliant insights he shared have impacted the way I write copy to this very day.

Now, I consider it mandatory reading for every copywriter I coach or mentor. It’s a master class just on its own in marketing and copywriting.

And that’s why I’m including this 34-page, word-for-word transcript as your fourth bonus gift when you join my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class today.

How to “dig out the gold” and come up with a powerful and compelling “big idea”

Something Gene Schwartz said during that talk that resonates with me to this day is this excerpt from the transcript:

“The creativity is in your market and in your product, and all you are doing is joining the two together. And the only way you can get the creativity out of your product and your market is to ‘dig it out’. And the only way you can dig it out is dig it out more than anybody else digs it out.”

This willingness to “dig it out” is what Gene Schwartz believed made him better results-wise than, as he put it, “many great copywriters, who are better writers than I am.”

Gene’s entire lecture was packed with copywriting “gold”. And it wasn’t just theory, he gave plenty of examples as well.

It’s the perfect bonus gift for this program. That’s because my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class shows you how to APPLY everything Gene Schwartz talks about…but I go way beyond that.

That’s because I’m throwing in one more incredible bonus gift…

Million-Dollar Bonus Gift #5:

BONUS control breakdown and swipes of the blockbuster financial promo I wrote that beat the great Jim Rutz…twice!

Once I wrote this control promo and beat Jim Rutz, other publishers were beating down my door to have me write for them. I worked hard to keep this control for 3 years, beating Rutz a second time to regain my “crown”.

In this special bonus breakdown, I’ll walk you through how I wrote a blockbuster financial newsletter promotion that beat a control written by the legendary Jim Rutz.

My control went on to mail for 3 years, and one format I tested into was even imitated by dozens of companies, until it was retired…prematurely. Then, when I updated my promo for a new editorial team, it ended up beating Jim Rutz’s control a second time!

This bonus breakdown reveals exactly how I did it. I’ll break down my first attempt to beat Jim Rutz’s control…tell you why it failed…and more importantly, what I learned from it.

I’ll then show you how I took that initial failure and turned it into one of my most spectacular successes early on.

I’ll lead you through my research process…reveal how I came up with the “big idea” …and explain how I quickly got up to speed on what was working in this niche so I could apply it towards creating this huge winner on my second try.

In this hour-plus-long recorded breakdown, I’ll take you through each section of my 24-page promo, from the main headline and lead to the “throwing down the gauntlet” close and AOV-boosting order page, so you can understand the strategy and tactics I applied.

But more importantly, I’ll share the multitude of split tests I did while I held the control to keep it optimized and performing strongly. I’ll also explain how, once my control was prematurely retired, I regained my control “crown” and ruthlessly hung onto it for another year or two…earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties in the process.

In addition to the video and video recording, you’ll get an in-depth summary PDF of key takeaways from this exclusive “Kim vs. Jim Rutz” control-beating promo breakdown you’ll want to refer back to again and again. But that’s not all…

You’ll also get 11 promo PDFs, including my various versions and tests of my financial newsletter control—along with the front covers of the Jim Rutz controls I had to go up against (one of them got a “cease-and-desist” letter from the White House!)

A step-by-step breakdown of control-beating tactics you can profit from for years to come

Just like the other eye-opening breakdowns you get in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, this “Kim vs. Jim Rutz” bonus is a gold mine of savvy, A-level copywriting and research tips.

It gives you insider tactics for “climbing the copywriting ladder” and getting the chance to write royalty-paying copy…along with sage advice for turning a promo “bomb” into an opportunity to get a huge win, and making that a game-changer for your career.

You’re sure to walk away with strategies, ideas, and inspiration that you can apply to any promo you write…and maximize your copywriting and marketing success for years to come!

By breaking down six of my biggest winners in detail while you look over my shoulder (plus two more in my bonus breakdowns), you’ll develop a deep understanding and mastery of every secret, every strategy, and every tactic I’ve personally used to write dozens of successful, multi-million-dollar controls.

If you want to get better at “digging out the gold” better than other copywriters you’re up against, my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class is exactly what you need to gain that unstoppable edge.

As you can tell, this master class is power-packed with the million-dollar secrets you need to write control copy that pays you for years.

But you should know, this masterclass isn’t just world-class copywriting training. That's because you also get…

A swipe file unlike any seen before!

This isn’t just any regular old swipe file. I’m throwing in 57 variants, cover and offer tests, and email creatives you can model and adapt for your own promotions.

Plus, I’ll show you my research documents. So you can see how I went from raw studies and data…to research materials…to multi-million-dollar, control-winning copy.

Best of all, you won’t just have another pile of promos to study. That’s because I’m walking you through nearly every decision I made. And even better, spilling the secrets on what I did and why…from headline to offer to positioning to format and much more!

Here’s everything you get in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class when you join today!

  • Six in-depth multi-million-dollar control breakdowns, including video and audio recordings as well as complete, word-for-word transcripts. Plus, you’ll see me break down or discuss controls I went head-to-head against…including controls copy chief-ed by top A-lister Parris Lampropoulos and two written by David Deutsch and other top copywriters.
  • 57 “in-the-field” swipes, variants, and split tests you can model, adapt, and pull ideas from for your next project. (Don’t worry about “swipe overwhelm”. Because I’m walking you through each and every one. Telling you what worked, what didn’t, and why.)
  • Six “takeaway” documents for each control breakdown distilling the most important secrets, strategies, and tactics. Each contains at least 6 to 8 pages of the most powerful concepts that you can quickly refer to whenever you need a helping hand. Not only will they help you develop the mindset and psychology of an A-list copywriter, they provide a kind of “road map” for approaching each type of promo.
  • A bonus control breakdown from a behind-the-scenes, invitation-only call with top copywriters.  You’ll get my full interview with copywriting coach David Garfinkel, plus the complete transcript and promo swipes of this highly-successful, anti-aging supplement promo.
  • A second bonus control breakdown of the financial promo I wrote that beat the great Jim Rutz not just once, but twice!  You’ll get my video and audio breakdown that walks you through the tactics I used to get my initial control and then revive it for a second run. Plus you get a summary of key takeaways, my original control promos and multiple headline and lead tests, and a glimpse of the Rutz controls I had to beat. Packed with timeless lessons you'll profit from for years to come!
  • Exclusive, in-depth training on Supplement Copy Compliance Secrets. You’ll speed your way to knowing how to write compliant copy that actually sells…and discover how to keep you and your client out of trouble!
  • The one tool you won’t want to be without—my Royalty Negotiation “Cheat Sheet”. You can easily read this in one short sitting and use it to quote higher fees and lucrative royalty arrangements…as early as tonight!
  • The famed Gene Schwartz Phillips Publishing lecture transcript. I consider this mandatory reading for any copywriter who wants to get really good at writing copy and understanding the psychology behind it. You’ll want to refer to it again and again—I know every time I do so I pick up another valuable insight!
  • A shot of confidence knowing you’re armed with proven A-level strategies that have made hundreds of millions in sales for my clients over the last 20+ years…and can help YOU rack up control after control!

The truth is, this master class isn’t for everyone. That’s because this isn’t a quick shot-in-the-arm or magic bullet that lets you dump out formulaic, “me-too” copy that only lasts a few months….

This is for copywriters and offer owners who want to get the “A-list edge” and write unbeatable controls!

My Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class is for those that want a behind-the-scenes, once-in-a-lifetime chance to see how I think through, research, and write control-winning copy that pays me royalties for years.

I reveal my entire process, soup to nuts, for how I approached creating each of these long-running, multi-million-dollar controls.

And whether or not you write long-form sales letters, this program can give you not just an edge, but the “A-list edge” over your competition.

Like copywriter Tyler McCune, who after attending this master class, told me he’s been using the tips inside to boost daily email response for one of his retainer clients.

Here’s what he said:

 “That one tip alone was worth the price of admission!”

“Lots of people talk about the mechanics and tactics behind copywriting. But I’ve never heard a copywriter of Kim’s level break down the thinking and research aspect like she did. I’ve already been using one tactic from her second control breakdown in my client’s daily emails and the response has been great. Not only are sales up, but people are super engaged. That one tip alone was worth the price of admission. I can’t wait to go back through this all again and dig out even more gems!” 

—Tyler McCune, Copywriter

Or like copywriter and author Dave Markov, who had this to say about my master class…

 “Kim’s major keys to success revealed!”

“As the saying goes, ‘Success leaves clues.’ And watching Kim examine her successes reveals many of those clues. Seeing how deep, deep, deep research is one of Kim’s major keys to success was extremely valuable, along with seeing all the elements she looks for in finding ways to beat a control. I also appreciated all the thought and preparation Kim obviously put into preparing what she was going to share. After going through Kim’s masterclass, I now put more thought and energy into planning and researching before I write.”

—Dave Markov, Copywriter and Author

Or like up-and-coming copywriter Billy Williams…

 “A look at winning copy through a master’s eyes!”

“To get good at copy you need to know how to look at winning copy through a master's eyes. That’s what made Kim’s Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class so valuable: seeing how persuasive elements are interwoven throughout the copy and how it all comes together. Since going through Kim’s training, the way I study copy has gotten deeper. I can get more out of studying controls and use it in my own writing.”

 —Billy Williams, Copywriter 

When you get your next chance…will YOU be ready?

When I started my freelance copywriting career 20+ years ago, there were few chances to land high-paying royalty deals compared to today.

But getting the chance is just half the battle.

If you’re not prepared when the chance comes…you might flop and set yourself back years!

But with my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class on your side, you’ll have the confidence and skills to quote top fees…and know how to write winning copy that can keep you booked up with clients and cover your bills for months and years to come.

And even though this is advanced-level copywriting training…

My Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class can give you the “A-list edge”…even if you’re a complete newbie!

Here’s what self-proclaimed “newbie” copywriter Mary Luz Feranil had to say about this one-of-a-kind training…

 “A mind-blowing process!”

“Kim’s master class has definitely helped me see clearly and discover how to structure what powerful copy looks like. This includes the nitty-gritty from headline to subheads, body copy, closing, and CTAs. Also, I learned from the approaches that Kim used: bullet approach, how to beat the Control, the empathy lead, proof/testimonials, and above all, the research process. For a newbie like me, it’s a mind-blowing process. I’ll surely recommend this training to others. In fact, I already have!” 

 —Mary Luz Feranil, Copywriter

If you’re ready to say “goodbye” to the “flat-fee project grind” and formulaic, “me, too” copy…

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When you invest in this masterclass today, you get more than 10 hours of knee-deep, no-holds-barred, A-list level copywriting training from yours truly.

The kind of training I usually reserve for my high-paying clients and copy mentees, for which they gladly pay me upwards of $500 or more an hour.

So just the time I’ve spent on video breaking down six of my most successful, multi-million-dollar controls would typically cost a bare minimum of $5,000.

But today, you can get all 10+ hours of training… plus takeaway summaries and word-for-word transcripts… and over 50 invaluable and one-of-a-kind controls, variants, split tests, and email creatives for a fraction of that cost.

I originally planned to offer my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class for at least $1,000. That’s because just one idea or tactic you apply from this world-class training has the potential to earn you 10, 20, even 100 times more than that.

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P.S. Don’t you hate it when people say, “This is the course I wish I had when I was just starting out”?

Well guess what? I would’ve taken ANY help at all when I started 20+ years ago.

Instead of a course or mentor, I had to fight tooth and nail to learn these control-busting secrets (and I made a ton of mistakes along the way).

Now, you can learn all these secrets and more when you get my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class today!

After going through the… 

  •  10+ hours of eye-opening, multi-million-dollar control breakdowns…
  • Six insight-packed takeaway summaries and complete transcripts…
  • 57 control promos, variants, split tests, and email creatives…
  • Behind-the-scenes, invitation-only call recording where you get a bonus control breakdown, promo PDFs, and transcript…
  • The "Kim vs. Jim Rutz" in-depth control breakdown of how I wrote a financial promo that beat the great Jim Rutz twice and maintained my control crown for 3 years running...
  • Exclusive, in-depth training on Supplement Copy Compliance Secrets…
  • Highly-distilled, invaluable Royalty Negotiation “Cheat Sheet” that will have you confidently quoting higher-paying passive income deals like a pro...
  • And the famed Gene Schwartz Phillips Publishing lecture transcript…

You’ll know the mindset and strategy I’ve used to dominate hyper-competitive niches and write controls that last for a decade…even when battling “legendary” copywriters!

There’s really nothing else like it on the market.

As copywriter David Lowenthal put it after going through this training, my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class is…

 “Like the ‘director’s cut’ of copywriting!”

“Kim’s step-by-step breakdowns and the detailed explanations of why the copy decisions that were made, were made were incredibly valuable. Her master class is like the ‘director’s cut’ of copywriting where you get to ‘go behind the scenes’ and see how copy is really made. I’m already using applying at least one of her techniques to copy I’m writing now. Highly recommend!”

 —David Lowenthal, Copywriter

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Here’s what other working copywriters are saying about my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class

 “Took away a notebook’s worth of tips!”

“I would definitely recommend Kim's Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class to my fellow copywriters. You get to look over the shoulder of one of today's premier copywriters and hear her break down her process in a clear, actionable way. I took away a notebook's worth of tips that I plan to apply to my own copy. Seeing what's good and needs improving in copy so I can apply it to my own copy made her master class extra valuable. It was a tremendous value for the price.”

 —Carolyn G., Copywriter

 “An insider’s analysis of winning copy!”

“Kim's insights in her control breakdowns are an insider's analysis of why her copy contributed to a winning campaign. Her Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class provides a one-of-a-kind education for serious students of copywriting, from newbies to established writers who want to up their game. Highly recommend it!”

 —Ed Hanada, M.D., rehabilitation specialist and copywriter

 “Helping me find key nuggets in research!”

“What made Kim’s Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class so valuable was hearing her explain the thinking behind her controls and research, and then hearing how well they did. I’ve already used the ‘processes behind the processes’ to break down other successful controls, deeply analyze audiences, and find key nuggets in research. I'd recommend Kim’s master class to anyone who wants to better understand the process and thinking behind creating successful online controls (and it’s applicable to smaller projects as well).”

 —Steve Hill, Copywriter/Entrepreneur

 “Recommended for anyone wanting to level up!”

“I would absolutely recommend Kim's master class to anyone wanting to level up (or maybe even just hit level 1 from 0) in their promo copy game. She's fun to follow along with, warm and friendly and easy to listen to, and shares a wealth of experiential knowledge in all the details we went over in her teardowns. Kim's insight comes through with her comments and the details she shares. Quick tips based on her years of writing promos for how to speak to the prospect, and her thoughts on timeframes and research needed, are all probably clearer and more upfront than anyone else I've learned from to date. Money well-invested, I know I’ll end up going through this course again—probably more than once—to glean as many bits as I can!”

 —Derek Schmeh, Copywriter

 “If you want to write better sales pages, you NEED this!”

“As a copywriter, you've got to understand the process of crafting a winning sales page. And there's no better way to do that than by learning from someone like Kim who breaks down the research and thought process for a winning sales letter. The course platform worked great, and seeing the previous controls and tests was an unexpected bonus. I've already applied one of Kim’s methods to confirm what I know, dig up testimonials, and to better understand customers’ fears about buying. If you want to write better sales pages, you definitely need this master class!”

 —Roland Eva, Copywriter

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