Break into the Supplement Copy "Big Time"!

A-List Copywriter and Marketing Maven Kim Krause Schwalm reveals the REAL reason some supplement copywriters make it big… cash fat royalty checks… and enjoy thriving careers… while others crash and burn. And how YOU can avoid the same pitfalls and fast-track your way to success!

Get ready to discover...

  • Why the supplement market is BOOMING -- and how to grab your piece of this growing, multi-billion-dollar pie...
  • How to give your supplement promo the huge edge it needs to launch a new product or destroy the current control...
  • Secrets to negotiating royalty deals so you finally enjoy the freedom and earning potential you've been craving, and... 
  • Best ways to land high-quality supplement clients, know what you're doing once they hire you, and become a hero to them so they want to hire you again and again!

 Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

Break into the Supplement Copy "Big Time"!

A-List Copywriter and Marketing Maven Kim Krause Schwalm reveals the REAL reason some supplement copywriters make it big… cash fat royalty checks… and enjoy thriving careers… while others crash and burn. And how YOU can avoid the same pitfalls and fast-track your way to success!

Get ready to discover...

  • Why the supplement market is BOOMING -- and how to grab your piece of this growing, multi-billion-dollar pie...
  • How to give your supplement promo the huge edge it needs to launch a new product or destroy the current control...
  • Secrets to negotiating royalty deals so you finally enjoy the freedom and earning potential you've been craving, and...  
  • Best ways to land high-quality supplement clients, know what you're doing once they hire you, and become a hero to them so they want to hire you again and again!

 Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

Dear Future Supplement Copy Superstar,  

Maybe you're here because you've heard copywriters make big bucks writing supplement copy.

Maybe you've heard the royalty checks on a single supplement promo can allow you to work less while earning more... finance decadent vacations to the south of France or multiple trips to Italy… or even put your kids through college or allow your spouse to retire early.

Or maybe you've heard about offer owners launching and building 7- and 8-figure supplement businesses in just a few short years.

All of those stories are true…

I know they’re true because I've done ALL of it…

I know others who've done it, too…

And it should be easy for anyone to do it, right?

Because thanks to baby boomers who care more about aging well than any generation before them… a desperate need for natural, lower-cost health alternatives… and a waning trust in drug companies, doctors, and the conventional medical system...

The supplement market is BOOMING... and they need MORE copywriters to promote their products!

The $381.79 BILLION dollar global supplement industry is bigger than ever before.

And it’s expected to keep growing by an average of $32.16 billion each year over the next 8 years... with NO end in sight!

That means both the biggest players in the industry plus THOUSANDS of startups are throwing their hats into the ring… jockeying for position in this highly-competitive marketplace, and creating new health solutions daily.

But there is one thing holding them back…

Finding great supplement copywriters!

Copywriters who understand both the “old school” and cutting edge methods of research…

Copywriters who understand how to draft compelling AND compliant sales copy…

Copywriters who understand the differences that make a promo convert no matter what the sales channel (online sales page, VSL, Email, direct mail, etc.)...

And copywriters who generate enough sales to scale a company fast—and help seize their piece of the pie!

And that means...

The opportunities for "in the know" supplement copywriters and offer owners are LIMITLESS!

But here's the bad news…

As good as the odds sound, for every ONE supplement copywriter who discovers the secret sauce to getting hired by the best companies… writing kick-butt controls… and receiving fat royalty checks in the mail (or better yet, getting them deposited straight into their bank account)…

THOUSANDS will never figure out how to get their big break.

And the reason they’ll never figure out how to get their big break has little to do with how smart they are…

How hard they work…

Or how well they write copy.

But it has EVERYTHING to do with mastering a few key differences that make getting hired by supplement companies… negotiating high pay and royalties… and writing killer sales letters, VSLs, and direct mail pieces COMPLETELY different from any other market.

That's because even the simplest mistake in an interview… 

A forgotten word in a promo… 

Or not understanding the difference between writing a sales page online versus direct mail…

Can shut down your dreams of becoming a supplement copywriter forever.

But that’s good news for you. That's because…

When you know the "behind the scenes" copywriting and business secrets I can teach you—you can quickly shoot up to the front of the line!

You can get your shot with ANY supplement company (including the big boys!)

And once you get your shot…

All you have to do is use those same "behind the scenes" secrets to give your copy the edge it needs to sell like hot cakes...

Start racking up royalty-paying control after royalty-paying control...

And get known as one of the top players in the supplement niche!  

I'm going to make it as easy as possible for you…

Because I’m going to show you how to do it step-by-step—when I...

Reveal my BEST, most profitable supplement copy and client success secrets in my no-holds-barred boot camp!

My name is Kim Krause Schwalm.

For the past 25 years, I've been writing A-list level copy that gets killer results for top companies in the supplement, publishing, fitness, and skin care spaces. 

I'm talking some of the biggest names in direct response, like Boardroom, Soundview, Advanced Bionutritionals, National Geographic, Green Valley, and many more.

As a copywriter, I've beaten controls written by some of the best copywriters in the business... like the legendary Parris Lampropoulos and the late Jim Rutz. 

Now, not every promo I've ever written has gone on to be a successful control. Early on I learned some tough lessons that I've been profiting from every since.

And now, over the past decade or two...

My winning streak with writing supplement copy is close to UNBEATEN!

For one top supplement and publishing business, I'm 17-for-17 as far as beating or launching new controls since the 2000's.

And for another that I've only worked with since 2016, I'm 8-for-8 when it comes to producing controls.

These aren't just million-dollar controls... my clients tell me many of them are multi-million-dollar revenue producers each and every year.

Some of the controls I’ve written are still running as long as 13 years after I wrote them. And in many cases, I haven't changed a word of copy to keep them going strong. 

And I keep adding value to these companies by converting those direct mail promos into online sales pages and video sales letters. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find many copywriters out there who claim to be “crushing it” actually producing this kind of 100% success rate.

But unlike most of these other supplement copywriters, I've got a secret advantage…

For more than six years, I worked at former direct marketing powerhouse Phillips Publishing. 

While at Phillips, I helped launch and run their highly-successful Healthy Directions supplement business...

A supplement biz that produced $23 million in annual sales ($40 million in today's dollars) within the first 3 years!  

That means I KNOW the in's and out's of the ENTIRE supplement business. 

I know what supplement clients want in a copywriter (because I've hired dozens of them and worked with all the top companies)...

I know how to find the hooks, big ideas, and perfect angles to crush legendary controls…

I know how to write mouth-watering promos and trigger an unquenchable desire for any supplement…

I know how to maximize the "sex appeal" of a formula by spotting its hottest nutrients and romancing their benefits...

And I know how to find opportunities to generate more revenue and tap other "hidden gold"!

Here are just 3 examples of my more than 40-something-and-counting, highly-successful controls for sales pages and direct mail magalogs for my clients (they're all are STILL controls)…

Not only that, I’ve mentored dozens of copywriters to stratospheric success…

Like Jody Robertson, who was ONLY two years into her freelance career when I became her mentor.

Not only did I help her produce two successful controls for a top supplement client… I helped her get her first royalty-paying deal, too (and those royalties are still rolling in!)

Then there's Tom Clayson, who mentored with me a few years ago... and since went on to become Creative Performance Director for a fast-growing agency where he hires and mentors other supplement copywriters, while earning well into six figures!

And then there's Matt Ambrose, who after mentoring with me and spending a few years getting hands-on experience, launched his own successful AND profitable, fast-growing supplement offer.

Not only that, Matt’s been able to attract higher-quality clients who are willing to pay him royalties… and he now runs email campaigns for two top supplement brands to boot!

Plus there's a long list of successful copywriters who I've mentored who've gone on to write winning promotions or run multi-million-dollar campaigns in the supplement niche, including...

  • Roman Alvarado
  • Jerrod Harlan
  • Sam Woods
  • Darren Hanser
  • Tara Waechter
  • Carolyn Gretton
  • Brian Czekanski
  • Christy Goldfeder Ingkavet
  • Kristen Driscoll
  • Ryson Owens
  • And others!

While my mentoring program is closed and may never be repeated, you can STILL learn directly from me all of my best supplement copy, sales-boosting, and client-finding secrets in my Supplement Copy Boot Camp. You're not going to want to miss these...

Five hands-on workshops to show you how to get hired… write sizzling supplement copy… and negotiate deals that can fill your mailbox with royalty checks for years! 

My Supplement Copy Boot Camp packs every drop of knowledge I've learned writing A-List level supplement copy AND helping run an 8-figure supplement business into five knowledge-packed workshops. 

I designed these workshops from the ground up to save you two decades of trial by fire… and give you a personalized road map to becoming a highly-paid supplement superstar. 

In this five-workshop series, I'll show you…

  • Why the supplement market differs from any other niche… and how to use that to your advantage to get hired and rake in the royalties... 
  • How to give your supplement promo the huge edge it needs to launch a new product… or destroy the current control... 
  • The absolute best structures for online sales pages, VSLs, direct mail magalogs, and other emerging formats...
  • Proven closing tactics to skyrocket supplement sales—maximize profits—and dazzle your clients.
  • Where AI tools can shortcut your copywriting process  when it comes to writing supplement copy… and where they don’t...
  • How to get supplement companies knocking down your door and practically begging to pay you royalties…
  • And much, much more!

As you can see, my Supplement Copy Boot Camp is your shortcut to breaking into the highly competitive supplement market and cutting quickly to the front of the line.

You get full access to the complete call recordings (video and audio) for each of the 5 workshops--each of which run approximately 2 hours. Plus you get the slide decks, transcripts, and PDFs of any samples used in the training.

What's more, you'll get two invaluable bonus modules on negotiating royalties (including contract templates packed with important tips to help you avoid major issues later).


Now let's take a look at what I reveal in each of these insight-packed workshops...

Workshop #1 -- State of the Supplement Market and Why It's Different

My Supplement Copy Boot Camp kicks off with this in-depth session where I give you an overview of the current supplement market.

I tell you how to find out about the top-selling nutrients... who the target market is for supplements... the top sales channels and formats to use (online AND direct mail)...

You'll get up to speed on supplement copy compliance, including tricks for getting around FDA/FTC hurdles and staying out of trouble...

Plus I give you a quick research overview of where to find the best supplement studies, how to do competitor research, using AI tools, and much more!

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover...

  • Why the supplement market is different from every other industryand how to use that to your advantage to give your promo a huge edge. Works for product launches and to blast existing controls out of the water!  
  • Kiss your FDA/FTC worries "good-bye". Use this time-tested guidance to get your message to your target prospect—even in markets where other writers feel hogtied by regulators.
  • The absolute fastest way to find and swipe controls that are working right now. Studying the greats is important… but you must have this "inside information" at your disposal!
  • How to identify the hottest nutrients and use that know-how to give your supplement promo an unbeatable edge. Simply follow this "rule" I use in my own successful promos!
  • What AI can’t do on its own. These "old school" methods let you find the best proof to back your claims and create control-busting hooks without breaking a sweat.
  • Where AI CAN help you. The Chat-GPT shortcut I learned from top AI expert Sam Woods that can 10X your productivity and give you a major competitive advantage in any market. (One of my mentees used it to cut her research time in HALF!)
  • Why you'll never go hungry writing a supplement copy. The surprising reason the supplement market thrives no matter the economy and how you can set yourself up for life.
  • And much more!

Now let's take a look at what I share in our second eye-opening workshop...

Workshop #2 -- Giving Your Supplement Promo the Huge Edge It Needs

As much opportunity as there is in today's booming supplement market, it's more challenging to write a successful control promo these days than in the past.

The target prospect, who is constantly bombarded by competing supplement promos, is more skeptical than ever.

Meanwhile, the typical consumer is hit from all directions by a constant stream of ads everywhere they look: on their phone, in their email inbox, their computer, social media, in their mailbox, and TV, radio, and newspapers.

In this nonstop battle for your prospect's attention, you MUST give your supplement promo the huge edge it needs to stand out, get read, and most important of all: get them to order.

That's why you need to know all of the best supplement copy tactics that are working right now that I reveal in this eye-opening workshop. For example, you'll discover...

  • Two essential copy elements that must be as strong as possible to sell any supplement. If you give short shrift to either one, your sales letter will fall flat EVERY… SINGLE… TIME!
  • The WAY-too-common mistake even experienced supplement copywriters make. Sets off your prospect's B.S. detectors and sends them running for the hills.
  • How to drain every last drop of value from using a doctor as your spokesperson. Plus how to maximize supplement sales even when you don't have a doctor or other "guru".
  • Secrets to structuring your sales copy to keep your prospect reading or watching. All winning supplement controls use these techniques to keep their prospects hooked to the end.
  • Why formulaic or AI-derived copy ISN'T enough to differentiate your product in a sea of competitors... and what what really works to create high-converting supplement copy!
  • The #1 emotional "hot button" your copy MUST tap into. Why so many supplement promos tap on the wrong emotions instead of this one (hint: it's conveyed in more ways than just copy!)
  • How to instantly build trust and belief in your prospect. Overcome and persuade even the most grizzled, skeptical prospects by using the A-list-level tactics I'll show you.
  • And much more!

As you can see, in just these first two workshops, you'll gain a huge knowledge advantage over other supplement copywriters... even if you're brand new to this niche!

But just wait until we get to the THIRD workshop to see what I have in store for you...

Workshop #3 -- How to Beat Supplement Controls and Launch New Products

The biggest challenge my supplement company clients tell me they're dealing with these days is finding copywriters who can craft a successful control promo.

For online and direct mail marketers, this is the "holy grail". It's what allows them to keep new customers coming in the door to offset their acquisition costs... and stay in business!

That's why in this workshop I'm going to help you really zero in on the specific, unique steps to writing successful supplement promos...

...Whether it's knocking any control you're up against off its pedestal and attracting more high-quality clients your way effortlessly...

...Or creating a brand new launch promo that can run as the control for years and create an ongoing stream of royalty income for you.

Yes, this is where you can become LEGEND, my friend... so get ready!

Here's just a sampling of the control-beating, success-launching secrets I'm going to reveal in this tell-all workshop that you'd be hard-pressed to hear anywhere else:

  • Best way to analyze a promo you're going up against. Here's how I leave no stone unturned when finding hidden weaknesses and opportunities to gain an unstoppable edge.
  • Secret to choosing the best "big idea" to run with. Simply put it through this simple test. Plus how to weave it throughout your promo to maximize results.
  • How to use your research AND the latest AI tools to craft compelling new angles and headlines. This "hybrid" approach to idea generation could land you your next huge winner!
  • The 7-word copy technique I learned from the great Gene Schwartz. Works especially well for supplement copy. Creates urgency for your prospect so they feel they MUST buy right away.
  • How to use "gut words" and other editing magic to make your supplement copy sing. This makes the difference between copy that gets read and acted on... and copy that falls flat!
  • What to put in your lift... and what to leave out. Crucial for getting prospects to click through to the sales page or VSL. Plus where to find the best subject line and email copy ideas.
  • How to keep your control alive and kicking for as long as possible. Here's where to get the best testing ROI and keep those royalty checks rolling in for years!
  • And much more!

These proven, control-beating and promo-launching secrets and techniques can make the difference between that next make-or-break opportunity being a breakthrough success... or a heart-wrenching failure.

That's why you'll want likely go back and review the recordings of this one workshop alone multiple times to give yourself a huge edge before you write your next supplement promo.

But wait... even though you now have your prospect pulled into your promo and unable to stop reading or listening... and becoming increasingly convinced YOUR solution is right for them... you still have to CLOSE the sale!

The tried-and-true offer and close copy tactics I share in the next workshop can have you sending your conversion rates soaring while increasing your average order value exponentially...

Workshop #4 -- Making It Impossible for Your Prospect NOT to Buy

This is where the rubber meets the road: the close section of your promo.

All the success "ingredients" must be there: the right copy... the right offer... the right proof... the right call to action... the right guarantee... the right future pacing... and much more.

But putting them all together in the right "recipe" for your supplement promo is crucial in order to convince your prospect to buy.

That's why in the 4th workshop of my Supplement Copy Boot Camp, I do a deep dive into structuring your close copy section... crafting the right pricing, bonuses, and other incentives... creating the most profitable upsells and cross-sells... maximizing often-missed revenue-boosting opportunities after the initial sale is made... and much more!

You'll discover stealthy ways to make your prospect an offer they can't refuse, while increasing average order and lifetime value, including...

  • The crucial lever that makes all your promos far more profitable. Most supplement companies pay little attention to it. But it can allow your offers to scale to new heights!
  • What you must do when writing close copy for an autoship offer. Use these well-honed copy tactics to overcome resistance, increase retention, and keep your client out of trouble.
  • How to create a "steel trap" close for supplement copy that locks the reader on the page and has them yanking out their wallet to buy (this is one of my most closely-guarded secrets!)
  • The essential but often-skipped close copy section EVERY supplement promo needs. This is what confirms in your prospect's mind that they need your product and to accept no substitutes. (No, it's NOT "future pacing" or testimonials!)
  • Best upsell to include in your supplement promo... and how to weave it throughout your offer. Works like gangbusters for direct mail, online sales pages and VSLs, and inbound calls.
  • Simple trick to getting new and repeat supplement buyers to buy MORE. This often under-utilized tactic could generate a flood of new revenue... yet it's so easy and low-cost to do!
  • How to work your way in the door if you're new to supplement copy... and become a hero to your client in the process. Suggest these "starter" projects that can be big money-makers.
  • And much more!

As you can see, these sales-closing and revenue-boosting secrets can give your promos a much greater chance of becoming successful multi-year controls.

Plus they can open up new opportunities for you to become a strategic partner with your clients... increase your profits and generate "found money" if you're an offer owner... and swing open doors to working with your dream client if you're just starting out!

Speaking of which, whether you're already writing supplement copy for a slew of clients, or you're looking to break into this smokin' hot niche, you're NOT going to want to miss the 5th and final workshop of my Supplement Copy Boot Camp...

Workshop #5 -- Supplement Client Secrets -- Best Tactics for Freelancers Now

Many of us have gone through the "school of hard knocks" when it comes to learning about working with clients as a freelancer.

Things can get even trickier when it comes to writing supplement copy, especially if you're new to this niche.

That's because you not only want to ensure you work with reputable clients who won't screw you over, you want to be smart about covering your butt whoever you work with.

Not only that, you need to know when and how to negotiate lucrative royalty-paying deals like a seasoned pro... instead of looking like a "newbie" and having the client lose confidence in you.

That's why in this fifth and final workshop, I let the genie out of the bottle and divulge all of my best-kept, hard-won, supplement client tactics so YOU can benefit!

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover in this no-holds-barred workshop...

  • Best way to prove yourself to a potential client... without giving away the farm! The least time-intensive and most-productive options for demonstrating your talent... and getting paid in the process!
  • The fatal flaw I find in 80% of copywriter’s contracts that can leave you broke… liable… or worseand what to do instead to protect yourself every time. (Plus it makes you look more professional to boot!)
  • Six client "red flags" you should NEVER ignore. These red flags are even more painful when dealing with supplement companies, so watch out!
  • Two big mistakes freelancers make when pitching their services to supplement clients. (These common missteps scare away good clients and attract bad ones like the plague!)
  • How to add more earning potential to every supplement copy project you take on. Try these crafty ways, in addition to your copywriting fee, to make every deal a "win/win" when royalties aren't an option.
  • What supplement clients are REALLY looking for in copywriters. Plus the one thing that drives them absolutely bonkers! (Do this and they'll never hire you again.)
  • Must-haves for royalty agreements even seasoned A-listers don't know about. One top copywriter I know missed out on hundreds of thousands of royalties due to this one contract omission.
  • And much more!

Once you have these supplement client secrets and tactics in your back pocket, the world is your oyster. You'll find it easier to land higher-quality clients and better-paying deals and royalties if you're an experienced copywriter... and smooth your way in the door if you're just breaking in.

I share everything I've learned along the way and that I coach my mentees on... including things supplement clients don't want you to know to give you every edge possible! Plus you'll get to hear from two of my past clients, both big players in the supplement niche (one is Boardroom's former Creative Director to boot), so you'll get their perspective as well.


But I'm not going to stop there...

I want you to enjoy EVERY advantage you'll need to thrive as a supplement superstar!

That's why I'm also giving you two value-packed bonus modules that you can dive into and put to work the moment you sign up for my Supplement Copy Boot Camp. 

These bonus modules give you immediate access to training and resources to help you fearlessly negotiate lucrative royalty deals... cover your butt with airtight client contracts to minimize hassles and ensure you get paid...

...and help you finally enjoy that elusive freedom and work-life balance you've been craving from your freelancing career! Let's start with...

Bonus Module #1: How to Make More Moo-lah from Writing Supplement Copy (While Avoiding Costly Mistakes)

In this bonus module, you'll find training and resources for increasing your earning potential when working with clients in the supplement niche.

Many top copywriters keep these closely-guarded secrets to themselves... and many clients don't want you to know them, either. 

That’s why I'm giving you my much-coveted Royalty Negotiation Cheat Sheet so you can negotiate this potential stream of ongoing passive income like a pro. 

This one is near and dear to my heart, because it boils down for you my very best secrets when it comes to negotiating royalties.

My Royalty Negotiation Cheat Sheet lets you know exactly what to ask for… and which traps to avoid… so you can work less and earn more! (Just like I was able to do when my kids were young.)

You can use this highly-distilled "cheat sheet" to get up to speed on what types of projects are good for negotiating royalties and what traps to avoid. 

You'll want to keep it handy when you submit a proposal or when a client asks you, "how much?"

With this valuable tool at your side, you'll know exactly what to ask for…proposal and contract "must-haves"…and royalty do's and don'ts.

But that's not all this handy Royalty Negotiation Cheat Sheet gives you. 

It'll also show you…

  • How much of a royalty should you ask for? It's not as straightforward as it seems. You'll find out the going royalty rates based on level of experience and other factors…so you can quote the right fee to close the deal (without short changing yourself!)
  • The hyphenated word you must have in your contract and invoice. Important for non-royalty agreements, too. (Chances are you're NOT using it now…but it could save you costly headaches later!)
  • Sneaky clause in your client's contract to AVOID. If you agree, you're losing the right to protect your interests. Here's what it is (ask to have it removed, and you're good to go!)
  • How to ensure you get paid royalties… even if your client "kills" the project! Simply include this language in your contract. It also allows you to use the copy for another promo if they don't use it.
  • The deal-killing 7-letter word that could cost you THOUSANDS. When quoting or agreeing to a royalty deal, you want to use this one word carefully. Otherwise, you could wait months for your first royalty check… and miss out on tens of thousands of dollars in passive income.

PLUS: I'm also throwing in tips and examples for "negotiables" in big-company contracts. (You need to know that everything's negotiable... don't let anyone fool you!)

This one bonus alone gives you the instant know-how to sell confidently, quote, and close potentially lucrative royalty deals that could bring in passive income for months or years.

But that's not all…

I'm Also Giving You My Own Royalty Contract Templates for Supplement Copywriters (at least a $2,000 value!)

In this same bonus module, you're going to find the exact contract templates I use for the online and direct mail supplement promos I write for clients. 

It cost me more than $2,000 to have a lawyer put these together... and I'm giving them to you FREE!

(Note: these are simply guidelines... there are no guarantees these will hold water wherever you do business.)

That's why I recommend you invest at least once initially to get your own legal review, as rules can change and vary from state to state or country to country. 

But you'll likely be able to quickly adapt many of the invaluable pointers and footnotes into your agreements to make them air-tight and to put the odds in YOUR favor!

But wait, there's still more...

Bonus Module #2: The Truth About Supplement Copy Compliance (a.k.a. the "rules" of the game)

Thanks to this valuable bonus module you can access right away, you'll get a crash course in writing compliant supplement promos that still sell like hotcakes. 

Why is that important?

Because supplement copy that’s compliant often works better and keeps you out of trouble!

In most cases, there are ways to say things compliantly... and make them MORE believable to your ever-skeptical prospect... instead of making a bold, illegal claim. 

In this 33-minute recorded video training (which also includes detailed slides), I explain why supplement copy differs from other types used to sell books, newsletters, or other products.

You'll also get promo examples of what to do and what NOT to do... along with a breakdown and critique of supplement copy from a compliance review standpoint.

You'll also discover these eye-opening tips and tactics for writing supplement copy (and covering your "butt")…

  • Should your name appear on your contract? If it does, you may open up to BIG legal trouble. Here's what to do instead.
  • Copy compliance "wordsmithing" secrets that are totally legal… and help your copy generate sizzling sales results by emphasizing appealing benefits and big claims.
  • 30 "forbidden" words you should never use in supplement copy (and what to say instead)…plus creative ways to express your claims that won't land you or your client in hot water. 
  • Three common testimonial pitfalls that can legally kill your promo. Avoid these at all costs if you want to add powerful and LEGAL credibility to your copy.
  • The one clause you MUST have in your contract, or you risk spending THOUSANDS in legal fees. Here's the word-for-word clause I use in my contract that you can adapt for yourself!
  • Is a contract enough to protect you? Not always. That's because most copywriters don't know to include this crucial item in their copy drafts. Without it, YOU risk paying the bill for your clients' mistakes!
  • Secrets to clearing compliance hurdles faster. Here's what to ask for to ensure your copy glides through the approval process so you get paid faster!
  • And much more!

This is your ultimate guide through the fuzzy and often-confusing maze of what makes supplement copy "compliant"... or not.

It could even save you the heartbreak of lost royalty income from a strong control that suddenly gets put on the shelf and no longer used due to FDA or FTC scrutiny.

So keep in mind supplement copy compliance isn't just about protecting your client... it's about making sure YOU don't get burned, either!

There's Never Been a Better, Easier Way to Speed Your Way to the Supplement Copy "Big Time"

In my Supplement Copy Boot Camp, I'm handing you the 20+ years of knowledge I fought tooth-and-nail to learn (and made MANY costly mistakes along the way) on a silver platter.

Not only that, in each workshop you'll gain new insights from the Q&A sessions, and even in the chat transcripts--where supplement company owners and copywriters interact and share their ideas and perspectives.

As you can see, I'm providing everything I can to help YOU succeed in supplement copywriting... whether you've been in the game for years or you're just breaking into this niche!

Here’s how I’m going to make it happen for you…

  • Nearly 10 hours of soup-to-nuts training on how to land the best supplement clients… write control-busting copy… and negotiate retainer and royalty gigs that put money in your mailbox.
  • Unlimited access to call recordings of all 5 workshops (video/audio) so you can return to the training as often as you like while you grow your supplement copywriting career, plus word-for-word transcripts of each workshop.
  • Every slide deck and promo PDF of all copy examples used in all of the trainings.
  • My Royalty Negotiation Cheat Sheet so you can quote higher fees and lucrative royalty deals.
  • My Supplement Copy Compliance Secrets mini-course with all the slides and the FTC guide.
  • And my personal Royalty Contract Templates to lock in royalty deals that could bring in passive income for months or years to come.

I've never done a program that covers both how to write powerful supplement sales copy… AND how to thrive in the supplement industry. Once I did the original live training, I closed the doors for several months.

Now, I'm opening the doors to this boot camp for a short while. I'm not sure when or if I'll do so again.

So this may be your only chance to get your hands on this incredibly valuable, "insider" training!

Now you may be wondering how much this is going to cost (answer: a lot less than it SHOULD!)

Keep in mind that I currently charge clients a minimum of $500+ an hour consultation fee to review their copy or provide marketing advice.

That means the 10-hour workshop alone is worth a minimum of $5,000.

And my personal Royalty Contract Templates cost me a whopping $2,000 on their own.

So that's $7,000 in value right there!

And when you add in the live Q&A and on-the-spot coaching, call recordings, slide deck, transcripts, PDFs, copy samples, Royalty Negotiation Cheat Sheet, and Supplement Copy Compliance Secrets mini-course…

I honestly don't know how to put a number on something that can bring you such massive returns over the course of your copywriting career.

Quite honestly, all of that value is priceless…

And because of that, I originally planned to sell this one-of-a-kind boot camp for at least $2,000. 

But my Supplement Copy Boot Camp won't cost you $7,000 -- nor will it cost you $2,000.

It won't cost as much as a five-day in-person event (with hotel, airfare, and food), either... which could run you thousands more.

Nor will it cost as much as most virtual events run these days…

In fact, my Supplement Copy Boot Camp will cost you less than a weekend "staycation" at a local Airbnb!

That's because for the limited time while the doors are still open, you can save 50% and get EVERYTHING I've mentioned here for only $997 $498.50.

That’s right… just $498.50 for gaining a huge edge in a niche that offers you the potential to earn tens, if not hundreds of thousands more throughout your copywriting career... land far better clients than you ever thought possible... and dominate supplement copy like a PRO.

I don't have a crystal ball… but I know this is the workshop I WISH I'd been invited to when I was new to supplement copy. 

I can't even imagine the money this workshop would have saved me alone. And I don’t even want to think about the EXTRA royalties I could’ve made early on if I'd known these secrets sooner.

And you get it all for less than what it costs to hire me for just one hour of coaching or consulting! 

Now it's up to you. You’re welcome to keep doing more of what you are doing.

Learn from the school of hard knocks. And make all the costly mistakes I made early on.

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Kim's 5 in-depth workshops will help me discover why the supplement market is different... how to give my supplement promo the huge edge it needs... how to beat controls and launch new products... the best supplement offer and closing tactics... highly-profitable client-getting secrets... and much more!

Please give me unlimited access to Kim's Supplement Copy Boot Camp for just $997. I understand I'll get full access to all the video and audio recordings, transcripts, promo PDF examples, and other boot camp materials. Furthermore, I understand there are no refunds because all of the training is delivered digitally.

Here's just a glimpse of what others are saying about Kim's Supplement Copy Boot Camp...

A great overview for getting started!

"Kim's Supplement Copy Boot Camp was a great introduction to how the industry works and what the intricacies look like from a copy perspective. I feel I've gained a great overview and understand now how to get started. Highly recommend!”

–- Gabriel Baumstark, Copywriter

Improved my email copy tenfold!

"I’ve applied Kim’s lessons to all of my future emails and improved my emails tenfold. My current client said 'these are the best emails you’ve written.' I told him I’d just finished a supplement boot camp! All of the supplement content was great. The call with supplement clients, too... very helpful! Thank you for over-delivering and giving us so much of your time!”

–- Jameel Paul, Copywriter

Filled in the gaps!

“You generously shared a lot of tips. The most valuable info for me will probably be the compliance info. It's what I worried about most. I think I have what I need now to study supplement copy and develop my skills. Your course filled in the gaps.”

–- Ken Biller, Copywriter

A greater sense of confidence!

"Kim's Supplement Copy Boot Camp helped confirm that my approach to different aspects of copywriting, and the strategies I have in place for my own brand, are right on track. This has given me a greater sense of confidence moving forward.”

-–JDM, Offer Owner

Learned a lot!

“I'm not a copywriter. Just someone who was promoting a weight loss supplement without a lot of success. When I found your workshops I thought I could learn how copy is made. I have learned a lot. I'm a physician, by the way, and I'm used to doing research and extracting information from published papers. I also learned what not to do in order to be compliant.”

-–Name Withheld, Offer Owner


Insights you won't find anywhere else!

“I loved the inside secrets that you freely shared about the copywriting process but also your experience in working with clients. I thought your course was wonderfully thought out and thorough! You answered my questions and brought up things I did not think to ask. My challenge is getting clients and avoiding impostor syndrome. But I like being able to tell clients that I took your training. The Supplement Copy Boot Camp was a well-grounded course. Your expertise with the subject was very rich and the little details that you added from your experience just made the course that much better. You do not get that kind of insight from most other courses out there.”

–-Jim Leach, Copywriter

Tons of valuable takeaways!

“I got so much value from Kim's Supplement Copy Boot Camp. Here's just a short list of my biggest takeaways:

-- Insights on hot supplement niches and where to find potential clients.

-- Kim's research processes: 5-step features+benefits & the PRISM.

-- Breakdown of unique mechanisms was brilliant. A lot of food for thought for future

projects and how I position my own services as a copywriter.

-- The psychology aspects and thought behind winning copy, with takes from legends

like Gene Schwartz.

-- Discussion on royalties, esp the specifics about negotiating, percentages, clauses,

and scope.

-- The guests in the final class shared some great info. Made me realize I'm significantly

undercharging for sales pages!”

--CJ Haughey,

KIM KRAUSE SCHWALM was always a marketer who could write copy. She spent more than 13 years in the corporate world in various marketing positions—from Brand Manager to Publisher to launching and running the Healthy Directions supplement business and growing it to the equivalent of nearly $40 million in sales in today's dollars within the first 3 years—before she started her freelance copywriting career in 1998.  

Now more than two decades later, Kim has built a reputation as one of the top A-level direct response copywriters in the country. She's racked up dozens of successful direct mail and online controls, beating legendary copywriters and becoming the first female copywriter to get Boardroom control. 

Kim writes winning copy and creates breakthrough marketing strategies for leading companies such as Soundview, Bottom Line, Green Valley Natural Solutions, National Geographic, and many others both in the United States and from England to Germany to Singapore.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from Miami University, and earned her MBA in Marketing from Loyola University Maryland. Kim credits her creative and analytical mind and marketing know-how for giving her a must-needed edge in today’s increasingly competitive copywriting world—and wants to help others gain the same “marketing- savvy” advantage.

She’s one of the few top-level copywriting veterans who’s still writing copy for clients…while being willing to share her success secrets to help up-and-coming copywriters go from “good” to “great”. Kim is also the author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book, Client Badassery Secrets.  

What People Are Saying About Kim Krause Schwalm...

 One of the top copywriters on the planet! “Kim is one of the top copywriters on the planet, and I don’t think anyone in her world would disagree with that. She has beaten controls by the best-of-the-best—including guys like Jim Rutz which, if you know who he is, you know that’s no small feat. If you ever get the chance to learn from her or work with her, you’d be foolish to pass it up.” 

—Ben Settle, Email copywriting expert 

 One of the hottest copywriters alive! “Kim Krause Schwalm is one of the hottest copywriters alive. She has had many red-hot controls—both in the health and wealth fields—and her insights are money in the bank...”  

—Superstar copywriter Clayton Makepeace 

 She’s the real deal! “I get so sick of people on the internet pretending to be copywriting gurus without one iota of major-league experience. They drive me crazy. But Kim is someone who has worked at the highest levels of this business, competed against the very best copywriters in the world, and proved herself to be a winner again and again. Kim’s event was fantastic!”  

—Richard Armstrong, A-List Copywriter and Author 

 My highest recommendation! “I've been writing copy for my own businesses and for a handful of clients for almost a quarter of a century. And I've learned a thing or two about what it takes to be a top copywriter. And ‘what it takes’ is something that very, VERY few people have. That's why you can count the A-listers on just two hands. Kim Krause Schwalm is one of those very, VERY few people. If you're lucky enough to get her attention...get her interested in your project... and IF you can get on her would be insane to not hire her. She has my highest recommendation.”  

 —Doberman Dan, Copywriter, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur

 Beats controls left and right! “There are a handful of copywriters who have been consistent, reliable and incredibly versatile during my 35+ year career in direct response marketing...and Kim Krause Schwalm is in that elite group. Kim continues to beat controls left and right for a wide variety of marketers, online and offline...Kim always writes copy that grabs the audience's attention; and because of her extensive background in marketing and not just copywriting, she understands all of the nuances of direct response. And she is a delight to work with. Every copywriter should follow Kim's lead in paying as much attention to every aspect of a project...front end, back end, and everything in-between. And if that was the case, we'd have many more world class copywriters.”  

—Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing LLC 

 An absolutely top-level writer! "Kim works with the best clients out there (I know, because some of them are my clients as well!) She is one of the very few writers I recommend when someone is looking for--and can afford--an absolutely top-level writer."  

—David Deutsch, Top A-Level Copywriter 


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