Discover How to Knock Out Highly-Effective Sales Copy and Promos Like a Seasoned A-Lister

At last! Now there's a battle-tested copywriting SYSTEM for creating compelling headlines, leads, fascinations, offers and closes, funnels, emails and lifts, and more that can help you:

  • Get "dangerously good" fast by shortening your learning curve so you can accelerate your success...
  • Write copy more confidently knowing it will produce the results you want and dazzle your clients...
  • Become known for writing winning promotions so you develop into the "go-to" copywriter in your niche, and... 
  • Attract better, higher-paying clients or rack up bigger results for your employer or own company... and make it easier to increase your sales revenue and earnings!

 Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

Discover How to Knock Out Highly-Effective Sales Copy and Promos Like a Seasoned A-Lister

At last! Now there's a battle-tested copywriting SYSTEM for creating compelling headlines, leads, fascinations, offers and closes, funnels, emails and lifts, and more that can help you:

  • Get "dangerously good" fast by shortening your learning curve so you can accelerate your success...
  • Write copy more confidently knowing it will produce the results you want and dazzle your clients...
  • Become known for writing winning promotions so you develop into the "go-to" copywriter in your niche, and... 
  • Attract better, higher-paying clients or rack up bigger results for your employer or own company... and make it easier to increase your sales revenue and earnings!

 Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

Dear friend who wants to write stronger sales copy,  

If you're like many copywriters, you may struggle to pound out copy you feel confident about, always wondering to yourself, "is it good enough?"

You may find yourself dealing with the "blank page blues" or putting off actually using what you've learned because you don't know where to start.

Or maybe you're riddled with self-doubt and think that being able to write copy like an A-Lister is something you can never aspire to.

But I'm about to turn everything you've heard about mastering copywriting on its head.

As you're about to discover, writing wildly-effective sales copy doesn't have to be difficult.

It doesn't have to take you years or decades to get at it.

And it doesn't have to be a superpower that's reserved just for an elite few.

That's because after writing copy as a freelance copywriter for more than two decades for some of the world's best-known direct response companies and generating nearly $1 billion in revenue...

Going up against and beating in head-to-head tests legendary copywriters like Parris Lampropoulus and the late Jim Rutz (and a long list of others...)

Mentoring nearly 50 copywriters over the past four years and helping many of them transition into the industry's next generation of superstars, grow their businesses, or achieve other goals...

And prior to all this, launching and running the Healthy Directions supplement business and growing it to the equivalent of more than $40 million in sales in today's dollars in just the first 3 years...

I've created a practically fail-proof SYSTEM for writing winning sales copy you can learn and use yourself!

Thanks to this new system, it's now possible to knock out highly-effective sales copy like a seasoned A-Lister... without dealing with "imposter syndrome" or spending hours staring at a blank page.

And now it can help YOU do so, whether you're an advanced copywriter who's been writing copy for years... or a complete "newbie" who's yet to work with a client... or anywhere in-between.

In this in-depth, A-List-level training, I reveal all my best tips and secrets for writing compelling headlines... killer leads... curiosity-laden fascinations... offers, funnels, and closes that make it impossible NOT to buy... emails and lifts that drive traffic to your sales promos... and much more.

It's why I'm calling it the Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System... because this battle-tested system can help YOU...

Write "dangerously good" copy far faster and more easily

Back in 2019, I first shared my own system for writing highly-effective sales copy and producing control after control for top companies like Boardroom, Soundview, Advanced Bionutritionals, Green Valley, National Geographic, and many others.

I called it "Copywriting Velocity" and it's helped hundreds of copywriters, business owners, marketers, and the dozens of people I've personally mentored write better copy more easily.

And I got plenty of rave reviews from people who went through this program since I first started offering it.

Like Norman Reyes, who wrote to say, "Your program is a wealth of knowledge and application. It's so structured and easy to digest. I feel privileged to be able to learn from you... you have something special here."

Like John Reisinger, who wrote to tell me, "The VSL I wrote with a mix of some of your teachings resulted in the fastest product to break $100k, in only 7 days. Previous best was 12. This will definitely be another $1,000,000+ funnel, probably more like $1.5 million within a year with how we do our relaunches. And drive new eyeballs, too."

And like Jordan Strauss, who wrote to say, "I bought your Copywriting Velocity program and I'm really getting a lot out of it. The tip you gave about [revealed in program] was worth the price of the program alone. Thanks again!"

But now that I've been focusing more on teaching and mentoring copywriters the past few years, I knew there was a lot more new material I wanted to add to this foundational copywriting training.

So now I've gone much further and deeper into my own well-honed process and put together my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System. It gives you an updated and expanded system that goes beyond writing great copy to helping you write "dangerously good" copy.

By "dangerously good" copy, I'm talking about the kind of copywriting prowess that strikes fear into the hearts of other copywriters who are going up against you in head-to-head tests...

The kind of copywriting prowess that lets you turn around copywriting projects far faster, charge higher fees, and produce better results for your clients or your own business...

And the kind of copywriting prowess that becomes your own "secret weapon" for never having to worry where that next client gig is coming from or whether that next new launch will be a success.

Now thanks to the two dozen-plus video trainings, copy critiques, breakdowns, and promo PDFs you get in my new Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System...

PLUS the invaluable "Playbooks" (yes, PLAYBOOKS!) that give you checklists, cheat sheets, and examples...

YOU can start confidently producing stronger, more effective sales copy with less effort!

In no time, you'll be writing far more compelling headlines, leads, fascinations, offers and closes, funnels, emails and lifts, and more... and likely faster and with a lot less "angst" than you do now.

So let's take a look at everything I've got waiting for you in my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System. As you'll see, I've covered all the bases (once you've completed your research stage) for writing any kind of sales copy. These same techniques and tactics work...

  • Whether you're writing direct-to-consumer or business-to-business sales copy...
  • For online promotions like sales pages and video sales letters (VSLs)...
  • For direct mail promos like magalogs, postcards, and component packages...
  • For emails and lifts, including those all-important subject lines...
  • For Facebook ads, websites, landing pages, opt-in pages... well, you get the idea...

These "dangerously good" copywriting techniques and tactics work like gangbusters for every type of copy. That's because they tap into the same sales psychology and hot buttons... since ultimately it's humans who are doing the buying!

In short, they're based on what's proven to work when it comes to human nature. And when you apply them the right way, they'll work for you, too.

That's why throughout every module of my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System, I don't just tell you... I SHOW you!

You get actual promo examples (many that I've written myself)... control breakdowns... real-life copy critiques... easy-to-follow guidelines, "rules", and techniques... checklists and cheat sheets (all summarized in those handy-dandy Playbooks you can print out and keep right by your computer)... promo PDFs... detailed slide decks... and much more!

Let's take a quick walk-through and you'll see for yourself how you get...

7 in-depth modules that give you my step-by-step process for sizzling sales copy that produces better results... 

As you're about to see, my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System gives you a complete system for writing successful sales copy from start to finish. Most of the 29 (and counting) video trainings are under 30 minutes each, yet are packed with valuable tactics, tips, examples, and critiques.

So it's easy to go back and review specific sections of whatever you want to focus on without having to wade through hours of videos that are hours-long. Plus the Playbooks you get in each of the main modules make it quick and easy to refer back to this A-List-level training again and again.

I give you everything you need to know to start writing killer headlines, leads, fascinations, offers and closes, funnels, emails and lifts, and much more! Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover...

MODULE #1—The Art and Science of Writing Headlines:

Think about it. Your prospect is constantly barraged by competing marketing messages.

They're seeing ads non-stop as they surf online. Meanwhile, ads keep filling up their social media feeds and crowding their email inboxes.

The competition for attention in their mailboxes, the publications they read, or even as they're walking down the street is intense.

That's why to break through all this "noise", your headline needs to do two main jobs:

1) Call out the desired prospect and grab their attention, and...

2) Compel them to read further (and make it impossible NOT to!)

In this first module, you'll find out everything you need to know about writing compelling, attention-getting headlines. I reveal all my best techniques, tips, and tactics that let you immediately level-up your headline copy and make it pitch-perfect for your audience.

I even provide you with real-life copy critiques that show you what to do--and what NOT to. And you get a complete Playbook you can use as your roadmap to writing great headlines, too. Here's just a sampling of what's waiting for you in this first module:

  • 9 ways to immediately level-up your headline copy. These eye-grabbing headline components will make your copy sing! Plus real-life examples of each one from some of my most successful controls.
  • The exact power words you can use today to make your headlines pack a punch. Add any one of these 18 words to your headline and you’ll instantly give its effectiveness a giant boost. Plus 4 response-boosting techniques for stronger headlines.
  • How to choose the RIGHT headline for your market. I show you to apply Gene Schwartz's state of awareness and market sophistication principles to determine the best approach for your promo. Plus modern-day examples that demonstrate how doing so can give your promo a huge edge.
  • Does every headline need a unique mechanism? I’ll tell you when you need one—and when you don’t. Plus I show you exactly how to incorporate a mechanism into your headline and maximize its selling power.
  • Headline-killing mistakes to AVOID. Any one of them could drive your desired prospect away and diluting the power of your sales message.
  • Which headline won. Real-life split tests that reveal which headlines worked (and which didn't). Plus my analysis about why. Packed with profitable insights.

But that's not all. I also include...

  • Brutally-honest and insanely-helpful headline critiques. Watch as I provide feedback and suggestions to strengthen headlines for a financial newsletter promo and a weight loss sales page submitted by my mentees.
  • The Art and Science of Writing Headlines Playbook. Consider it your “tool box” for constructing strong, high-performing headlines each and every time. You get my Ultimate Headline Cheat Sheet, an expanded Headline Checklist, plus an “at-a-glance” summary of Gene Schwartz’s 5 states of market awareness and 5 stages of market sophistication, including examples. You'll reach for this valuable resource again and again!
  • And much more!

Once you've nailed down your headline techniques, you're ready to move on to the next step of writing your sizzling-hot copy. It's the second most important part of your promo...

MODULE #2—Secrets to Killer Leads:

Now that you’ve drawn your desired prospect into your ad or promo with your headline, your main goal is to get them to read your copy. Mess things up at this point and you’ll lose them quick.

The lead (or “lede”) needs to get your prospect nodding their head, feeling understood, trusting what you say, and believing your promises before you can introduce the solution… all while engaging the prospect and pulling them further into your promo.

It’s important to get it right… and that’s why you’re going to find this module so invaluable!

There’s no magic “formula” or template that will give you the perfect lead every time… just like there’s not one for headlines, fascinations, or other types of copy.

But what you WILL get in this module is your go-to “toolbox” of different lead types and opening sentences that are proven to work time and again… for any type of promo.

Plus I give you specific examples, breakdowns, critiques, and more. Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover…

  • 5 easy openers that pull your prospect into your copy… plus common mistakes to AVOID in that crucial first sentence.
  • 6 types of leads that keep your prospect reading and make them more likely to ultimately buy. Plus tips on deciding which type is best for your promo.
  • Real-life promo examples for each type of lead (including some of my own plus two of my all-time favorite leads written by the late Clayton Makepeace and Jim Rutz). I tell you WHY I think they’re working so you can use the same techniques with your own copy.
  • The “quick fix” technique that instantly makes just about any lead much better… plus 4 other tactics for writing killer leads top A-Listers like to keep themselves!

But that's not all. You also get:

  • Anatomy of a successful lead. I deconstruct the lead for one of my successful, long-running controls for a sinus supplement sales page. Plus you get the full promo PDF to review later.
  • No-holds-barred copy critiques. Watch as I critique copy submitted by my mentees and help them make their leads much stronger.  Includes one financial, one health, and one that actually got tested and used by one of my big-name supplement clients!
  • Secrets to Killer Leads Playbook. This will be your go-to resource for writing killer leads. Includes the 6 types of leads and 5 easy openers with examples… the most essential components of a lead… and my Ultimate Leads Review Checklist.  
  • And much more!


With all of this training and tools available to you, you'll no longer sweat bullets when you're trying to come up with the perfect lead... or worse, lose prospects after they read your headline.

You'll be able to write better leads faster, and with greater confidence... and come up with new killer leads to test in order to improve your promo results even more.

Now, let's move on to the next crucial module in my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System...

MODULE #3—The Truth About Fascinations:

Fascinations might just be one of the best secret weapons in sales copy… if they’re deployed effectively!

In this module, I not only explain what they are and why they're so important, I give you probably the most comprehensive explanations of how to write them you'll find anywhere.

Plus I tell you why you want to learn how to write them… even if you’re not selling an information product.

(Hint: they can help you write stronger headlines, email subject lines, sidebars, and other copy. Heck, they can even become your main hook. I even give you some actual examples from my own promos!)

Okay, I just made the #1 mistake when it comes to fascinations: giving the answer away in your bullet. But I just want you to realize what an amazing superpower it can be to get really good at writing them.

This in-depth module is packed with valuable techniques, tools, and tactics that will turn ho-hum bullets into intriguing, curiosity-laden fascinations. Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover:

  • 10 essential rules for writing great fascinations. Use these A-List-level techniques to make your prospect insatiable for the answer and more likely to buy.
  • 27 fascination formulas that let your bullets practically write themselves. Not only do I explain how to deploy each one, I give you real-life examples from my own promos. You’ll never get “stuck” while trying to write bullets again!
  • How the secret to writing intriguing fascinations can be found in a popular “new wave” song from the 1980s. Follow the advice in the lyrics and you’re well on your way!

Plus I also include in this module:

  • Let’s write fascinations together! In this video, you get to see my process in action. We’ll take a look at 3 different sources of information—i.e., 2 special report excerpts for health offers, and 1 for a financial newsletter. I’ll then show you exactly how to spot potential “nuggets” buried within dry, boring information and turn them into compelling, curiosity-laden fascinations!
  • Fascination freakout: fearless copy critiques for better bullets. Watch as I transform 15 examples of bullet copy submitted by my mentees into “I’ve just got to know the answer” fascinations, right before your eyes. So many powerful insights here alone.
  • The Truth About Fascinations Playbook. This may be the fattest, thickest, most valuable one of the bunch! Keep this handy next to your computer so you can quickly review my 10 essential rules, the 27 fascination formulas with examples, the Ultimate Fascinations Review Checklist, and more!

With all of this easy-to-use fascinations training in your arsenal, it'll be easy-peasy to crank out juicy bullets that make your target prospect drool over the information you're teasing about... and motivate them to take the desired action! You'll be amazed how having stronger, more compelling fascinations dramatically boosts the selling power of your copy.

Now let's move on to the all-important fourth module in my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System...

MODULE #4—Powerful Offers and Closes:

You’ve attracted the right prospect to your promo, made them start reading, got them intrigued by your fascinations… what next?

Bring them in for the close, of course!

In this in-depth module, I give you my best tips and techniques for putting together irresistible and highly-profitable offers, including funnels, that boost average order value…

...and using proven copywriting tactics to make it impossible for the prospect NOT to buy.

There’s so much “steak” in this module, once you go through it you’ll be a sales-closing beast! Here’s just a sampling of what’s in store for you…

  • 4 proven offer structures that can send your revenue and profits soaring, along with real-life promo examples. I candidly explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Plus 5 things you MUST consider when structuring your offer.
  • The 10 most important close copy elements. Leave any of these out at your own peril. Detailed explanation and examples of each one.
  • Why you should consider testing a “tweaked” offer over anything else. Here’s how to unleash the maximum needle-moving power of your testing efforts and extend the life of your control (or give a so-so promo new life!)
  • The economics of upsells, cross-sells, and downsells. What they are, and why they’re so crucial to get working optimally in order for you or your client to grow their business.
  • Top tips for a great guarantee. Plus a full range of examples from my own successful controls. Helps make your offer one they simply can’t refuse!
  • Why these 3 types of upsell offers are the most profitable… plus cross-sell and downsell offers that work… AND copy and design tips that send your AOV soaring (actual promo examples provided and dissected!)
  • Anatomy of a successful close. I walk you through each section of one of my most successful control promos and show you the most essential close copy elements IN ACTION. Plus you get a full PDF of the promo to study and go through later.
  • And much more!

Plus don’t forget your Powerful Offers and Closes Playbook! It includes the Offer and Closes Cheat Sheet—which gives you the full list of essential close copy elements, the 4 types of offers plus a summary of the best upsells, cross-sells, and down-sells.

You also get my top tips for a great guarantee AND the Ultimate Offers and Closes Review Checklist. If this Playbook was a physical product, it’d literally SMELL like money!

Now that you've got all these main elements of your sales copy or promo optimized for maximum performance, what about everything else that comes in-between your headline/lead and your offer/close?

That's where the NEXT module in my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System can help...

MODULE #5Bodacious Body Copy:

At the moment, I'm still finalizing some of the training for this module. In the coming weeks, I'll be adding training that shows you:

  • The best way to structure your promo…
  • My best secrets for writing “smooth-as-silk” copy that your prospect seamlessly glides through…
  • My favorite copy “tricks” to build trust and belief…
  • Copy-killing mistakes to AVOID like the plague...
  • Plus MORE magical ways to make your body copy more engaging and convincing!

In the meantime, you can dig into the all-new training that’s waiting for you right now on writing sensational sidebars...

I tell you everything you need to know about sidebars so you can knock them out like a seasoned pro. In fact, if you’re having a hard time getting started on a promo, writing sidebars can be a great way to get going!

Plus I give you 3 good reasons you should get good at writing sidebars… even if you only write shorter online promos now!

In this training, you'll discover the 10 types of sidebars to use throughout your promo to pull your prospect into your copy, overcome objections and prime them to buy, and/or send them to your order page or other landing page.

But that’s not all. I use the same highly-successful control promo I refer to in the Powerful Offers and Closes module as a teaching example of the different types of sidebars. (You’ll get the full-length promo PDF in that module, and you can refer to for this training as well!)

Now let's move on to the 6th module in my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System...

MODULE #6Crafting Compelling Emails (or Lifts):

The best online promo in the world is only as good as the email that drives traffic to it.

That’s why it’s so important you know how to maximize the effectiveness of the emails and “lifts” that you write.


"Lifts” are those 1-2 page emails (usually on the shorter side) that drive traffic to an online sales page, video sales page, or other web page.


Their entire reason for existence is to make your prospect click a link in your email and go to the page you want to send them to… and “pre-suade” or otherwise prime them to buy.


You use the same tactics for writing them as you would for an effective email, but with a few steadfast “rules” I’ll be covering in this module.

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover...

  • 15 rules for email subject lines that work (plus examples of ones that don't!) You don’t want to under-estimate the power of a strong subject line. Without one, your prospect will likely never make it to your sales page or VSL!
  • 21 rules for effective email copy that get prospects to click and prime them to buy. You can apply these to ANY type of email you write… and they’re particularly effective for sending your prospect where you want them to go.
  • An "Anatomy of a Successful Lift" breakdown of one of Kim's control lifts for a long-running anti-aging supplement…a test version that ran during the pandemic… plus PDFs of the control lift and the online sales page it's driving traffic to.
  • 3 “highly-caffeinated” copy critiques by Kim with her mentees on their lift submissions. These are actual video excerpts from one of our Fast Track to A-List mentoring sessions. You’ll see the questions I ask and my thought process in action as I scrutinize their subject lines and whip their emails into peak shape. (And yes, I’d had a lot of coffee!)
  • And much more!  

Also included in this module is your Crafting Compelling Emails Playbook! Here's where you'll find a complete list of 15 rules for subject lines that work (with examples of ones that don't--and ones that do). You also a summary of my 21 rules for effective email body copy.

Plus in your Playbook you get my Ultimate Email Review Checklist, which is actually TWO checklists: one for subject lines and the other for email body copy… so you can easily fine-tune and strengthen your emails and lifts.

Now we're coming down the home stretch... with all of this training on writing headlines, leads, fascinations, offers and closes, sidebars and other body copy, and emails and lifts... those handy-dandy Playbooks you'll want to print off and refer to again and again... it's time to put it all together!

And that's exactly what we'll do in this last module of my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System...

MODULE #7—Start-to-Finish Process for Writing a Control:

Now that I’ve explained all the pieces of the puzzle that you’re assembling for your promo, it’s time to show you how it all comes together.

And the best way to do so is to reverse-engineer one of my successful controls!

So that’s exactly what I’ve done in this module. I walk you through a "reverse-engineered" breakdown of my control promo for a book published by National Geographic.

It’s called the Complete Survival Manual (and who knows… you might even pick up a few survival tips for the next time you’re stuck in a blizzard or encounter a shark!)

Going through this breakdown will give you real-time insights as you see how I’ve applied many of the tips, tactics, and techniques I’ve shared throughout my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System to my own successful promos.

Plus you also get a word-for-word transcript of the entire video breakdown, along with the full promo PDFs for this direct mail "bookalog" promotion! So get ready to dive in. Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover in this breakdown...

  • The one element you should ALWAYS include in your copy to make the purchase a “no-brainer”. (Hint: it has NOTHING to do with price or your guarantee!) Boosts your prospect’s confidence so they can’t wait to buy. 
  • How to use the design of your promo to maximize your copy’s selling power. Discover how a well-managed creative relationship helps you “grab ‘em by the eyeballs” and boost your results! 
  • You should never give away the information you’re selling in your promos, right? Wrong! Find out how to do it the right way to increase your promo’s conversion rate dramatically.
  • The quickest way to win over your prospect. Just use this stealth tactic to make not owning your product feel like they’re missing out!
  • Simple trick that builds belief in your prospect. How you can make sure their justification bias puts the odds in your favor.
  • How to “sweeten the deal” even if you have no bonus content available. You don’t always need—or want—to offer special reports for your offers. Try a relevant bonus gift like this one instead!
  • The one sentence of copy that makes or breaks a sale. Without this, you are almost guaranteed to fail. Here’s how to do it right to seal the deal.
  • And much more!

As you can see, my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System covers everything you need to know for writing a successful, control-beating promotion. But I went back and looked at the training I included in my original copywriting program, Copywriting Velocity, which I've now retired.

And there's so many great insights in it!

While I've re-made, updated, and expanded all of the training modules on headlines, leads, fascinations, and offers and closes for my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System...

And added new modules on emails, lifts, and body copy, along with additional breakdowns, copy critiques, and more...

There's even MORE great insights waiting for you in the 3-hour Copy Intensive that was included in Copywriting Velocity, along with some of the other trainings that I haven't completely updated and expanded in my new program.

That's why I've added a special BONUS module that you get with my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System so you get even more A-List-level training to help you soar to new heights...

BONUS MODULE—The Best of Copywriting Velocity:

My Copywriting Velocity Copy Intensive that you get in this bonus module gives you an in-depth overview of many of my best, most effective copywriting techniques all in one sitting.


It's from a LIVE event I held in Washington, DC in March 2019. And in the room were some of my A-List copywriter friends like Carline Anglade-Cole and top email copywriter "Big Jason" Henderson... plus some of today's hottest up-and-coming copywriting superstars like Jerrod Harlan and Roman Alvarado.

I shared some of my best techniques for doing research, coming up with the "big idea", using studies and credibility boosters in copy, techniques like "salting" to keep your prospect reading, creating scarcity and using "future pacing", how to use humor in your copy (or not--you get mine AND Carline's perspective on this), a fascinations writing exercise where I critique each audience member's bullets on the spot... and so much more.

I decided there was NO WAY I was going to let this incredible training that people paid $2,000 just to be in the room for (on top of their travel and hotel costs) go off to retirement heaven... when there's so much "solid gold" packed into it.


Not only that, I also did a breakdown on one of my red-hot controls at my Copywriting Velocity Copy Intensive... plus with my small group of copywriting mentees a few months earlier, I did an "Evolution of a Control" training and breakdown on one of my other latest controls. 


AND I had an in-depth interview with Lee Euler--legendary copywriter of the Agora Financial blockbuster promo "The Plague of the Black Debt" and founder of Green Valley Natural Solutions--where he revealed some of his best-kept secrets for writing killer copy, along with extremely valuable freelance business-building tips from both the seasoned A-Lister AND client perspective.


That's why I've added a "Best of Copywriting Velocity" bonus module to my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System... because it's going to make going through this program even more game-changing for you. It gives you all of this added training I just mentioned including slide decks, promo PDFs, and more.

When you combine all this with everything you get in my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System, you can see for yourself...

This may well be one of the best investments you'll make!

When you think about how long it typically takes to get really good at writing copy...

The months or even years of struggling to write emails and promos that actually work… the frustration of sending samples to potential clients and hearing “crickets”… the humiliation of working months on a new promo, only to hear from your client that it “bombed”…

Anything you can do to shortcut this process is going to be a great investment!

I know what it’s like. Early on in my freelance career I used to chase down clients who ignored my emails (some of them later became my biggest clients).

I'll never forget the pain of having a promo I’d pinned my hopes on failing miserably… and I remember how hard it was to get my headlines, leads, and fascinations “just right”.

I didn’t have the opportunity to learn from any top A-Listers. There weren’t any courses back then on writing direct response copy, nor were there any mentoring or coaching programs.

While I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience working as a marketer in my roles at Phillips Publishing and before that a major health insurance company (and wearing a “copywriter” or "copy chief" hat at times at both)…

I had to pretty much go to the school of hard knocks when it came to mastering copywriting... and climb the “copywriting ladder” one rung at a time. With no courses or mentors to guide me.

Fortunately, even though it took me a little while to break into royalty-paying, long-form copy (I mostly churned out lower-paying flat-fee projects my first few years), once I did so I soon began racking up more big winners than big losers.

And I made sure I learned as much as I could from both.

My hard-won copywriting know-how is now yours to master and profit from!

Now that I’m in the position of all this accumulated knowledge and experience...

...with at least 40 successful control promos under my belt for top companies in the most competitive niches...

...and having mentored nearly 50 up-and-coming copywriters and business owners...

...I’ve made sure I’ve poured as much of this hard-won know-how into my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System as possible.

Whether you’re feeling like your copywriting career isn’t moving forward as fast as you like… whether you’re dissatisfied with the results from the copywriters you’re working with for your business…

Or whether you’re just looking to get bigger winners more often and boost your income, royalties, or profits to new heights…

I know my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System can help you dramatically improve your copywriting—and achieve your personal and business goals.

It's why you might expect to pay upwards of $2,000 or more (like some copywriting courses I've seen cost)…

...and while they may teach you some valuable tactics, often they're not taught by copywriters who've had to write successful copy at the highest levels... go head-to-head with legends (and actually beat them on occasion)...

...and have every single word of every draft relentlessly scrutinized, challenged, and perfected before it can go out the door. (It's why some of my controls took longer to finalize than it would take me to make a whole new human being... more than 9 months!)

However, right now while my new Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System is still newly-launched, you're not going to pay $2,000...

You're not going to pay $997, either (even though I may well raise it to this price, and it’d still be a great investment...)

No, the regular price to get full access to everything my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System offers you is just $697.

At just $697, that's less than I charge for one hour of my coaching or consulting time... and a fraction of what my Fast Track to A-List mentees pay me to learn first-hand all of my best copywriting secrets and get my eyes on their copy.

However, as part of this limited-time, pre-Black Friday sale, you can get my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System for 50% off, bringing your cost down to just $348.50! Once the sale is over, the price goes back up.

This makes it an incredible value for the high-level training, tactics, examples, breakdowns, critiques, promo PDFs, and much more that you’ll get in my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System… along with those Playbooks packed with cheat sheets and checklists that let you write stronger copy faster and more easily.

and the full, unfettered access to the SAME “dangerously good” secrets, techniques, and tactics I’ve used to write dozens of successful controls… some of which have been running for 11 years or longer!


Get your hands on my proven, A-List-level copywriting secrets and get ready for your career or business to soar!

If you want to write better copy more easily, save hours of time, and dramatically improve your copywriting results…

If you want to stop struggling with the “blank page blues” and knock out highly-effective sales copy like a seasoned A-Lister...

If you want to get into the writing zone where copy flows out of you more effortlessly, and turn projects around more quickly…

If you want to level up your copywriting prowess, whether you’re already an advanced copywriter or a complete “newbie”…

If you want to finally feel like you know what you're doing because you're taking years off your learning curve...

And if you're ready for your copywriting career or business to soar to new heights...

Then you don’t want to pass up this opportunity to get, use, and deploy the same copywriting system I’ve used myself to produce dozens of highly-successful control promos for the top direct response companies... generate nearly $1 billion in revenue... and that I train my mentees to use.

Don’t miss this chance to discover how to knock out highly-effective sales copy like a seasoned A-Lister

My Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System gives you my very best, most effective tactics, techniques, and tips for writing compelling headlines, leads, fascinations, offers and closes, emails and lifts, and more.


Plus it gives you beautifully-designed, easy-to-use PLAYBOOKS packed with cheat sheets, examples, and checklists you can use to apply everything you’ve learned whenever you sit down to write copy… and have it pass through the same meticulous A-List-level review process the top direct response companies and copy chiefs use to produce breakthrough controls.

Everything's available to you right away and organized by module, and each of the video trainings are chunked down by topic so that most are under 30 minutes each.

That way you can go to exactly where you need help with, and go back and review a topic more easily. You also get detailed slide decks plus, of course, those handy-dandy Playbooks that give you an “at-a-glance” reference of everything I’ve covered.

And you get ALL of this for an affordable investment that's sure to more than pay for itself right away as you quickly begin producing stronger copy that produces better results… allowing you to attract better clients, charge higher fees and royalties, and turn projects around more quickly.

I hope you won't pass this rare opportunity up. I've seen for myself what a game-changer my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System can be for my copywriting mentees and others I've trained... it could truly be a game-changer for you, too!

Yours for smarter marketing,


P.S. Testimonials from other copywriters and offer owners who've given my new Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System a test-drive are already pouring in. Here's just a brief sampling...

"One of the best copywriting resources out there!"

"Kim's Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System is amazing. I started to go through it the second I had a chance--even though my calendar is jam-packed with client work--as I knew it would be an excellent investment of my time.

This comprehensive system is one of the best copywriting resources out there, no matter if you’re just starting out or have been writing copy for years. I discovered new gems and relearned techniques I have forgotten about.

The first module alone is a Ph.D. on the states of awareness, ‘power words’ to amp up your copy, and strategies to find eye-grabbing angles. I can't wait to finish the rest of the course!”

Gabriel Baumstark, Ph.D., Freelance Copywriter

Practically guaranteed to give you a great ROI!

"This has to be one of the most comprehensive copywriting systems around. Not only does it teach you everything you need to know to write copy like a pro, but the playbooks mean you’ll be getting value out of this course every time you sit down to write.


If you’ve got Kim’s Ultimate Checklist from signing up to her list, you’ll know she doesn’t do these things halfway. This time you get not only an expanded checklist, but practical, actionable playbooks for every module. You’ll never fear a blank page again. And that’s on top of the invaluable teaching.


If you’ve ever wondered how the A-Listers do it, now’s your chance to find out. Kim’s been incredibly generous in what she’s packed into this copywriting system, and you’re practically guaranteed to get a great ROI for investing in her Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System.”

Theresa Waggott, Copywriter

Will get you to the "Holy Grail" of copywriting greatness!

"As one of Kim Krause Schwalm’s copywriting students, I can tell you that her Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System will get you to the ‘Holy Grail’ of copywriting greatness faster than any program out there. She is a master teacher and distilled all of her A-list copywriting experience into this practical, cutting-edge program.

It’s like she is beside you from A to Z, patiently coaching you in her masterful ways. I give Kim’s system my highest recommendation. Just get it!"

Ed Hanada, Physician and Business Owner

For anyone who wants to get GOOD at copywriting!

“Kim consistently over-delivers on the quality of her courses and her dedication to her students’ success. Her original Copywriting Velocity course gave me the skills to level up in my copywriting career and helped me win a partnership with the late Clayton Makepeace.

But Kim’s Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System (which is an improved version of Copywriting Velocity) is miles above Copywriting Velocity. Just the lessons on offer and upsells are worth their weights in gold. I’d urge everyone who wants to get good at copywriting to check it out!”

—Eric Jee, Copywriter

A "solid gold" chance to accelerate your growth!

"Kim is an A-list copywriter and teacher. I don’t miss ANY chance to learn from her. And her Get Dangerously Good Copywriting system is solid gold.

This is a PhD level copywriting course. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been writing copy for thirty years… or just getting started! It WILL accelerate your growth as a copywriter.

Why are you still reading this? Smash that ‘buy’ button and level up your game!"

Jody Robertson, Copywriter

Don’t miss this chance to see what my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System can do to catapult the selling power of YOUR copy...

Plus save you hours of time, let you turn projects around more quickly (or enjoy more free time), and make churning out high-converting control after control or far more successful email after email practically effortless.

If you write copy for a living—or have your own business or oversee any kind of copy on a regular basis—I know you’ll find my Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System incredibly valuable! 


[ ] YES! I want to put Kim's proven, A-List-level copywriting system to work so I can write more successful, higher-converting copy faster and more easily... and maximize my copywriting results!

Please give me full, unlimited access to Kim’s Get Dangerously Good Copywriting System for just $697 $348.50 (assuming I act before the sale ends). I understand I'll be able to start using all of the training, videos, breakdowns, critiques, promo PDFs, and Playbooks that are included as soon as I sign up. I understand that because all of the training is delivered digitally, there are no refunds.

KIM KRAUSE SCHWALM was always a marketer who could write copy. She spent more than 13 years in the corporate world in various marketing positions—from Brand Manager to Publisher to launching and running the Healthy Directions supplement business and growing it to the equivalent of nearly $40 million in sales in today's dollars within the first 3 years—before she started her freelance copywriting career in 1998.  

Now more than two decades later, Kim has built a reputation as one of the top A-level direct response copywriters in the country. She's racked up dozens of successful direct mail and online controls, beating legendary copywriters and becoming the first female copywriter to get Boardroom control. 

Kim writes winning copy and creates breakthrough marketing strategies for leading companies such as Soundview, Bottom Line, Agora, Green Valley Natural Solutions, and many others both in the United States and from England to Germany to Singapore. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from Miami University in Ohio, and earned her MBA in Marketing from Loyola University Maryland. Kim credits her creative and analytical mind and marketing know-how for giving her a must-needed edge in today’s increasingly competitive copywriting world—and wants to help others gain the same “marketing- savvy” advantage. She’s one of the few top-level copywriting veterans who’s still writing copy for clients…while being willing to share her success secrets to help up-and-coming copywriters go from “good” to “great”.  

What People Are Saying About Kim Krause Schwalm...

 One of the top copywriters on the planet! “Kim is one of the top copywriters on the planet, and I don’t think anyone in her world would disagree with that. She has beaten controls by the best-of-the-best—including guys like Jim Rutz which, if you know who he is, you know that’s no small feat. If you ever get the chance to learn from her or work with her, you’d be foolish to pass it up.” 

—Ben Settle, Email copywriting expert 

 One of the hottest copywriters alive! “Kim Krause Schwalm is one of the hottest copywriters alive. She has had many red-hot controls—both in the health and wealth fields—and her insights are money in the bank...”  

—Superstar copywriter Clayton Makepeace 

 She’s the real deal! “I get so sick of people on the internet pretending to be copywriting gurus without one iota of major-league experience. They drive me crazy. But Kim is someone who has worked at the highest levels of this business, competed against the very best copywriters in the world, and proved herself to be a winner again and again. Kim’s event was fantastic!”  

—Richard Armstrong, A-List Copywriter and Author 

 My highest recommendation! “I've been writing copy for my own businesses and for a handful of clients for almost a quarter of a century. And I've learned a thing or two about what it takes to be a top copywriter. And ‘what it takes’ is something that very, VERY few people have. That's why you can count the A-listers on just two hands. Kim Krause Schwalm is one of those very, VERY few people. If you're lucky enough to get her attention...get her interested in your project... and IF you can get on her would be insane to not hire her. She has my highest recommendation.”  

 —Doberman Dan, Copywriter, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur

 Beats controls left and right! “There are a handful of copywriters who have been consistent, reliable and incredibly versatile during my 35+ year career in direct response marketing...and Kim Krause Schwalm is in that elite group. Kim continues to beat controls left and right for a wide variety of marketers, online and offline...Kim always writes copy that grabs the audience's attention; and because of her extensive background in marketing and not just copywriting, she understands all of the nuances of direct response. And she is a delight to work with. Every copywriter should follow Kim's lead in paying as much attention to every aspect of a project...front end, back end, and everything in-between. And if that was the case, we'd have many more world class copywriters.”  

—Brian Kurtz, Titans Marketing LLC 

 An absolutely top-level writer! "Kim works with the best clients out there (I know, because some of them are my clients as well!) She is one of the very few writers I recommend when someone is looking for--and can afford--an absolutely top-level writer."  

—David Deutsch, Top A-Level Copywriter 


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